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Recently released has been the new record of Denmarks finest THE GUV'NORS. A musical bastard between Oi!, High-Speed Rock'N'Roll and Beer, played by some veterans of the scandinavian scene. Some of them played in bands like THE OUTFIT before, the record is a co-release with our friends of longshot music and trueforce records.

We've also received the whole list of Garry Bushells picks or the upcoming "30 years of Oi!" compilation, including some of the Top Bands of the scene. It's so much, that we think about a release in 2 parts or a double LP! It's great stuff!

We've got some new stuff at the shop, check the new releases of the LOWER CLASS BRATS, TOXPACK and we will have some exclusive-merch of CONTROL at the end of the week!

The new record of the horror-punks of DEAD UNITED is now available at CONTRA LIGHT RECORDS.

The guys from RED ALERT will be on tour again in early 2010, altogether with their friends of PRODUZENTEN DER FROIDE. The Stuttgart boys will release their "Ready To Love" album on vinyl via CONTRA Rec. including a Bonus EP. Before that they also will be on Tour with BULLS BRIGADE from Italy.

"No Clash Reunion" was a great Song by THE REVOLVERS from Germany. Now the Boys are back with their own "Reunion", playing the Ruhrpott Rodeo Festival in May 2010. Another Comeback on European stages will be the Hardcore Legend FLOORPUNCH. Their only (?) German show is at the JZ Riot into the small town of Lichtenstein.

Bandworm Records will release the "Deadbeats, Bastards & Lowlifes" of their newly signed THE BAD BLOODS from Madrid, Spain. Sounds like BONECRUSHER,  we will probably  like it!

Legendary BUZZCOCKS have never been covered as charmingly as in this video of FISCH, Singer of the german Punkband DIE LOKALMATADORE:

Fresh from the press: The new 7" of THE CLICHES from Sweden. Soon available at our Shop!

German ENDLESS SUMMER FESTIVAL has just started the presale for their 13th Round in August 2010. Come and see such amazing Bands like COCK SPARRER, PERKELE, DEADLINE, VOLXSTURM or STOMPER 98. Always check their MySpace Profile or their Website for Updates!

Distroi Records from Italy will release an sampler featuring some of the best new italian / swedish Punk & Oi! Bands including our Label Stars ON THE JOB.

Newly arrived at our shop: The new issue of the german MOLOKO PLUS FANZINE. It's one of the best issues i've seen for a long time, including an great interview with one of the first german Oi! Bands DIE ALLIERTEN, an interview with english punk veteran Gaz Stoker and an interesting talk with Mike from Mad Butcher Records. New at Mad Butcher is a new CD of BLAGGERS ITA and the new east-german Soul-Band BOBBY PINS & THE SALOON SOLDIERS.

The funny american Neo-Wave meets Psychobilly Band THE PHENOMENAUTS just signed to Most People Are Dead Records.

There's an interesting discussion at the website of the german Fanzine Plastic Bomb concerning the collapse (?) of the 7" Record. In the meantime, a lot of great music will be released on 7" in the future: Step-1 will release new material of the Hooligan Rockers from CONTROL, Modern Action Records from the US will do some new 7" with THE BRIEFS and THE BODIES. So What? Even the french labels will do new Stuff: A new WEST SIDE BOYS 7" is planned and UPVR Records says they will release the debut of the STREET KIDS. Besides that there's a great Interview of VOLXSTURM in the Plastic Bomb Fanzine, unfortunatelly only available in german.

Not just new 7" Stuff, even a lot of new 12" - Coming soon: MODERN ACTION LP, german hardcore band SOMETHING INSIDE's new LP, the old german Band ABWÄRTS with a new 12" and the KBD-Style Freaks of P.Trash Records will release new stuff of RUSSIAN ROULETTE, PRESS GANG and HEADACHE CITY.

Sad News: The "East Coast Of Oi!" Festival is cancelled for various reasons.


There's a new guitar in Town: DELUDED is a new Band featuring (Ex)-Members of ...SITUATIONS, THE SHOCKS, CRUSHING CASPARS and CHURCH OF CONFIDENCE.

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