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News vom 30.09.2013
2 Killervideos on the monday from "Booze and Glory" and "Pennycocks"



Booze and Glory

We are very proud to annouce that we signed the contract with SAILOR'S GRAVE RECORDS (USA) - which means we joined bands like The Business, Roger Miret&Disasters, US Bombs, Mad Sin, The Creepshow or King Of Nuthin' to name a few...
Also, we extended our deals with STEP 1 MUSIC (UK) and CONTRA RECORDS (Germany). With the new line up we already started working on the third album.
Lots of gigs already booked for the next year and even more still to be confirmed - all dates will be annouced soon. At the moment here is the video for one of the new songs called "Only Fool Get Caught" - directed by Frank Pellegrino!



Barcelona is city that's alive. Barcelona sweats, Barcelona shouts, Barcelona pisses and Barcelona laughs. A lot has changed these last years, and despite it being sold to us as the new capital of fashion and design, Barcelona is a city that has woken up late but gingered up quickly. Before Franco's death, the country was a cultural desert, and before the 80s, there was literally nothing.


For those that have grown up after the '92 olympics, we are only aware of this contemporary and modern substitute of the city, but we all know that it hasn't always been like that. Barcelona is and will always be dirty, seductive, energetic and both sad and happy at the same time. With this video we claim back the essence of the genuine Barelona, of those times we have lost but that we shall never ignore.


We also want this video to serve as a tribute to Carles Barba i Massagué, a film director and artists from Terrassa, who has brilliantly portrayed the time and society he lived in, with an ironic and acid satire towards 60s Catalonia.

The PennyCocququote


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