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News vom 27.09.2013


This week the split 7" of LION'S LAW from Paris and their Italian friends F.A.V.L. arrived here. Two great new bands and especially the french guys seem to be loved by everyone who is into classic melodic Oi! Furious live-appearances all around Europe helped them to establish a very good reputation. You will see them on the first weekend of October at the great "Oi! it's Dortmund" party along with EVIL CONDUCT. We also invited them to play our CONTRA BASH on November 9th with RUNNIN RIOT and rumors say they are confirmed to play ENDLESS SUMMER FESTIVAL next year in Torgau.




Return to the subject, the split with F.A.V.L.: The hard limited version on white wax is selling fast, get it while you can! Both bands are top, F.A.V.L. are a bit harder and more brutal, bulldozer Oi! from Viterbo, Italy. Please note that we got new t-shirts of both bands in stock:





Still hot: "Soundtrack For A Sinner", the new full length of HATEFUL from Scotland. More THE CLASH that THE CLASH, haha, the record got a lot of good reviews all over the music press and the band will play at the next CONTRA BASH along with British veterans SUBCULTURE on October 12th in Wurzen.


Speaking of HATEFUL, we will re-release the "Reasons To Be Hateful" album for the first time on vinyl later this year in co-operation with Rebellion Records. We also have a new HATEFUL tee in stock:



What's next? There is a new EP for the belgian punk legend FUNERAL DRESS in the making. After listening to thir new tracks we were impressed, we are sure that all you people who are into Mohawks, Leather Jackets, ONE WAY SYSTEM or ABRASIVE WHEELS will be impressed, too.



We also are happy to work with one of our all-time fave bands, BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS. They will do a small tour beginning end of October and we will do a strictly limited tour 7" with one new song called "You think you're happy" and two alternate versions of their classic "Manhood's only Kings" and the BEE GEES cover version of "New York Mining Disaster" . We also will come around with new merch of the New Mexico/Kentucky boys!



Right before christmas we will release the debut album of the Scandianvian Oi! band OLDFASHIONED IDEAS as well as the debut of German hope GRUMPY OLD MEN. We will also do 2-3 singles into the "Under One Flag" series with our new and old signings SCAB COMA, CHEAP STUFF and PROJEKT 9.


We also will do the first 7" of the Spanish Oi! monster HAWKINS THUGS, just check their video:





By the end of this week our friends from HIGH SOCIETY will hit the road again, they will do a small tour with the great CITY SAINTS from Gothenburg and OLDFASHIONED IDEAS, please see the flyer:




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