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News vom 22.02.2013
CONTRA super busy week

 Friends and haters, this was really a super busy week at the CONTRA headquarter!

On monday - and we hate mondays as anyone hates mondays - surprisely arrived the long-awaited AKA / UPPERCUTS Split LP. If you ever heard about a band called HATEFUL from Scotland, and if you like them, you will love AKA. It's a HATEFUL side-project, they are covering very obscure and "not so well known" songs from the past in their unique HATEFUL style! On the flipside we have the UPPERCUTS, a female fronted, Berlin based OI! band which gives you a sound between THE AVENGERS and DEADLINE

On tuesday we saw a great victory by Bayern Munich, sorry all to all gooners, and we also got another big package, we got the new 10" by EPIC PROBLEM which is a co-production with our partners in crime, LONGSHOT from america! Wow, this is Streetpunk! 

Finally arrived the a killer release, the vinyl version of the "Good Times Violent Crimes" record by New Hampshire finest, YELLOW STITCHES! If you are into american Streetpunk, if you like bands such as HARRINGTON SAINTS, PRESSURE POINT and so on, this is a must-have! We also have some shirts of the band in stock!

And - there is only 2 weeks left till:

Have a nice weekend, have some beers in the pub, thanks, your CONTRA team....


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