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45 Adapters - DTAWDD
Band: 45 Adapters
Land: USA
Cat.#: CR058
7`EP black 50 -> im Shop
7`EP clear 150 -> im Shop
7`EP splatter 300 -> im Shop
7`EP Total Edition 500 -> im Shop
Release: 2010-05
Webseite: http://www.myspace.com/45adapters
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/45adapters
Beschreibung: Der zweite Streich der smarten New Yorker Bootboys. Die Debüt-Single schlug ein wie eine Bombe, bekam überall beste Kritiken, und nun sind die 45 ADAPTERS zurück! Und wer dachte das da kaum noch Luft nach oben sei wird mit "DTAWDD" eines besseren belehrt. Tight gespielter Skinhead-Rock N' Roll mit leichter Mod-Kante, unheimlich viel Enthusiasmus gepaart mit exzellentem Songwriting und der Gänsehautstimme von Frontmann Gerrard. Freunde gehobener Klänge wissen was sie erwartet. "Brand new good old Days" - der Song steht exemplarisch für den Sound der Scheibe: Ein Flashback in die Endsiebziger, als Oi! und Punk noch für Frische, Wucht und Wut stand.
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Bilder: 7`EP black / 507`EP clear / 1507`EP splatter / 300
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Nr. Titel Länge  
1 DTAWDD 00:04:08
2 Throw It Out 00:02:53
3 Brand New Good Old Days 00:02:43
Gesamtlänge: 00:09:44  

Maximum Rock N Roll

In the September issue of MRR (accidentally labeled October):

I dig these skins from NYC; they have a classic early UK skin sound kinda like INFA RIOT or the BUSINESS , but mix it with bass-heavy 70's rock licks like THIN LIZZY or some shit. I know - sounds shitty? No way...total sing-along goodness. Good shit.

-Tim Brooks, MRR

oiofamerica - oiofamerica.blogspot
Longshot Music / Contra Records
7" Vinyl
Oi! / Hard Mod

Track Listing:

A1 Don't Trust Anyone Who Doesn't Dance

B1 Throw It Out

B2 Brand New Good Old Days

As an intro: to all you old school boot boys out there, do yourself a favor and check out these newer bands. I know what you are going to say, they cannot be as good as the old stuff and that surely they are just carbon copies with no soul or passion. I know I have felt that way from time to time also, but trust me here.... some of the new bands are great. While time will tell if they will uphold as well as the old stuff has, some of these bands are great right now and deserve some notice.

One of these bands I speak of is the 45 Adapters. I already did a short review of their double 10' Collected Works Vol.1. Now I am going to get in depth with their singles.

The single starts of with the title track. The guitar intro hits you like a strobe light fast, tight and blurring. This sound gives almost a new wave feel to the song. The bass comes in and gives a blunt bouncy deep sound that works great with the guitar. Next and the most refreshing and shocking thing happens: the singer Pickabar (Yes that is the name they have under his picture on the album) starts to sing. I mean sing with a smooth soulful voice that has a nice deep tone to it and some range. Amazing I mean just amazing. All of this great music you would think the lyrics would be a let down. They aren't!! I say they are the best part. A witty attack on those too serious to have fun at a show (come on, we've all seen them!) and I took it a thinly veiled attack on white power boneheads calling them zombies. The line that resonates with me is "Music is more then sound it's a lightning bolt from you to the ground. It's a beat that makes us whole; anyone can feel it if they've got a soul."

The first B side song is Throw It Out. The intro guitar has a great tone to it and the bass line dances through the whole track. "Pickabar" sings with authority and sounds great. What really sets this track apart is the lyrics. Yet again they stay away from the cliches of the scene and sing a song about mental health. Talking about the physical and mental junk we all pack around. Hands down some of the best song lyrics I have heard in some time.

The last song on the B side is Brand New Good Old days. In the same vein as the first two tracks with a bouncy bass and drum sound. Guitar comes over the top and adds the highlights to their sound. Just really tight music led by a great voice. Fun well written song about skinhead glory days passed and bringing them back. Pickabar really wails on this track it is awesome.

This should be your starting point if you have not heard this band before. To all you old timers out there do yourself a favor and check out some of these new bands, they are pretty good.
4.75 out of 5 Oi!'s
For Fans of The Jam, The Inciters, Sydney Ducks, Alternate Action, Reducers S.F. and Noi!se.
Backstreet Battalion Skinzine - www.backstreetbattalion.com
7 / 8 points

45 Adapters - Don´t Trust Anyone Who Doesn´t Dance

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

Single of the band which I introduced little bit in review on split EP with Stomper 98. This is three song EP with fuckin´ long title which was recorded with older drummer Pat. EP contains songs DTAWDD on side A and on side B there are Throw it Out and Brand New Good Old Days. EP was released on 500 copies (50 black, 150 clear and 300 splattered) with bog hole in the middle of it. As I wrote before the band is really into old school sound (like slower songs from Pressure 28 like Pull no Punches) with dominating bass like from ska or reggae song which is sometimes more playful then guitar (but there is also many guitar solos). First song is about the fact that you should enjoy the live music and dance till you drop. Throw it Out – you surely know this feeling – put all into small box and throw it all away (I really like this one). Last one speaks about why just celebrate the good old days and why not make some new good old days because time is running fast and we will have to remember them. To EP is added paper with advertisement on both labels and lyrics. I don´t like too much the cover of the EP but it fits great to the title. Who likes bands with older sound will be satisfied with this band.

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