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Land: USA
Titel: Sinequan Dreams
Cat.#: CR145
7`EP black & white Cover 125  
7`EP colored Cover 125  
7`EP Total Edition 300  
Release: 2013-10
Beschreibung: Right on time before their first euro tour starts we are proud to present the first collaboration between Contra and one of our claimed favorite bands. The BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS are something special, they have something which most bands of today do not have: they are unique, they are kind of dangerous and mystic. Probably it's because frontman Mark, who is able to put a lot of distress but also rage and aggressiveness into his voice. BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS sound like a bastard of a irish construction worker and a beauty from the south. Of course an 100% american Oi! band, the "Blue Collar Working Class Sound" of bands such as THE BRUISERS or PATRIOT will be found in their music as same as an undeniable liking of Country and 70ies Rock, plus a lot of UK-Punk influences from bands such as STIFF LITTLE FINGERS or ABRASIVE WHEELS.
At this 7" we have a previously unreleased song called "You think you're happy" which Mark wrote during his imprisonmet at the well known "Three Cell House" at the Kentucky State Prison. Next song is an alternative version of the "Manhood's only Kings" song, which you probably know from their split with STOMPER 98. Third song is an alternative cover of the BEE GEES classic "New York Mining Disaster".

limited to 300

125 x coloured fold cover
125 x b/w fold cover
50 x Tour-edition w/ pizza box and 18 x 18cm printed patch + 37mm Button

Pünktlich zur Europa-Tour präsentieren wir euch die erste Zusammenarbeit von Contra mit einer unserer absoluten Lieblingsbands.
Seit mehr als 15 Jahren umflattert die BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS eine Aura des Ungewissen - oder besser der "Gefährlichkeit" - die den meisten Oi!
oder Punk-Bands heute leider abgeht. Mit Sicherheit ist diese dem unnachahmlichen und eindringlichen Gesang von Frontmann Mark Dacey geschuldet, der all seine Wut und Verzweiflung sehr emotional, aber eben auch unglaublich aggressiv herüberbringt. Raybo von Bonecrusher fällt in die selbe Kategorie Sänger (ok, dort geht es noch einen Zacken brutaler zur Sache). Die BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS klingen wie das uneheliche Kind eines irischen Bauarbeiters mit einer Schönheit aus den Südstaaten. Zweifellos amerikanisch hoch 10, der beliebte dreckige "Blue Collar Working Class Sound" Marke THE BRUISERS oder PATRIOT wird unterspült von einem unbestreitbaren Faible für Country oder 70ies Rock, dennoch eben auch mit einer gehörigen Portion UK-Einfluss - file under STIFF LITTLE FINGERS oder ABRASIVE WHEELS. Hier bekommt ihr mit "You Think You're Happy" einen bisher komplett unveröffentlichten Song um die Ohren, den Mark während seiner Haft im berühmt berüchtigten "Three Cell House" im Kentucky State Prison geschrieben hat. Hinzu kommen zwei alternative Versionen des von der Split mit STOMPER 98 bekannten "Manhood's Only Kings" und der BEE GEES Cover-Version von "New York Mining Disaster".

limitiert auf insgesamt 300 Stück

125 x im bunten Faltcover
125 x im s/w Faltcover
50 x Tour-Edition mit Pizzabox und bedruckten 18 cm x 18cm Stoffeinleger/Aufnäher + 37 mm Button
Bilder: 7`EP black & white Cover / 1257`EP colored Cover / 125
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Nr. Titel Länge  
1 You Think You're Happy 00:01:50
2 Manhood's Only Kings 00:02:13
3 New York Mining Disaster 00:02:03
4 Untitled 00:03:29
5 The Pilgrim 00:01:50
Gesamtlänge: 00:11:25  

Backstreet Battalion Skinzine - www.backstreetbattalion.com
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Brassknuckle Boys - Sinequan Dreams

Contra Records - EP -

This is the last stuff from Brassknuckle Boys which contains three songs – brand new one called You Think You´re Happy and Manhood´s Only Kings which you may know from split EP with Stomper 98 from 2012 (but I think that this version is little bit different) and cover from Bee Gees New York Mining Disaster. If you download the album via download code which is added to the EP you will find there two more songs – one without title (just instrumental with great guitar solo played through effect) and then sonf The Pilgrim (which you may know from previous CD´s and which is great singalong hit). First song is similar to their previous stuff – skinhead rock´n´roll based on guitar, second piece is more melodic and it is about the classic working class topics and the future of workers who have to take care about their family. The cover from Bee Gees is harder than original version for sure because it is not common that skinhead band makes Bee Gees cover. EP is limited to 250 copies (125 black and 125 colored). Inside is paper with lyrics and a few words from the singer about the title of the EP (about his sentence in Kentucky prison 20 years ago and how he used drug called Sinequan to waste his time and about the first song which is written under the influence of this drug). This prison can be found also on the cover of the EP. So together there is just one brand new song and I hope that we will get something new from them in near future.


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