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Control - Punkrock ruined my life
Band: Control
Land: United Kingdom
Titel: Punkrock ruined my life
Cat.#: CR077
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Release: 2011-05
Webseite: http://www.hooliganrocknroll.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/controlrocknroll
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tbBc49qQ
Beschreibung: Hooligan Rock N' Roll Part 2! The Real Oi! von der Insel, Iain
(Ex-Beerzone) und seine trinkfeste Firm legen noch eine Schippe drauf!
Typisch britischer, rauer und aggressiver Brickwall-Sound aus dem Süden von London. Selbst gestandene Haudegen wie Watford Jon von ARGY BARGY loben das neue Album in den höchsten Tönen: "Schon jetzt eines der besten Alben des Jahres". Wir können da nur beipflichten, Sing-A-Longs en Masse, schnelle Gitarren und bitterböse, zynische Lyrics. Hippies sollten sich da mal lieber die Ohren zuhalten, aber Fans von GUNDOG oder der ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE dürften an der neuen CONTROL genauso gefallen finden wie Liebhaber von THE BUSINESS oder CRASHED OUT. Momentan eine der, wenn nicht die beste Oi! Band von der Insel.

In their own words- Bassist Klaus said: "After the unexpected success of Hooligan Rock'n'Roll, we wanted to try and make sure that the second album didn't let everyone down like many 2nd albums do for bands. We don't think people will be disappointed as if anything, it is has a heavier sound and is filled with songs like 'He's a Skinhead', 'High Tiime I Hung Up My Boots and 'Punk Rock Ruined My Life'. Watford Jon, someone we regard very highly, absolutely loved it and said he thought it would turn out to be the best album of 2011.
High praise indeed from someone who knows his music.
Bilder: 12`LP splatter blue+black / 200
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Oi! The Print - http://www.oitheprint.at/
Die zweite Meldung von Ian (ex-Beerzone) mit seiner neuen Band. Das erste Album hat zwei absolute Hits geliefert und ich war gespannt, wie es beim neuen Album sein wird. Nach mehrmaligem Hören haben sich da ebenso eine handvoll potentielle Ohrwürmer hervorgetan. „Punkrock ruined my life“ ist dem klassischen UK-Streetpunk in sehr konservativer Form zuzuschreiben, sehr schöne Chöre und musikalisch einwandfrei umgesetzt. Man verschreibt sich wie gehabt dem typischen Oi!-Spirit, legt sich nicht unbedingt in einer bestimmten Schublade fest und untermauert das ganze mit echt gutem Sound. Control gefallen mir sehr gut und zählen zu den Spitzenreitern an neueren UK Bands!
Backstreet Battalion Skinzine - www.backstreetbattalion.com
10 / 10 songs

Control - Punk Rock Ruined My Life

After the debut album called Hooligan Rock´n´Roll, split EP with Marching Orders, Business and EP Trouble on the Streets is here second album from this British lads called Punk Rock Ruined My Life (with subtitle but I wouldn´t Change a Thing). Also they get little bit famous with the song Keep the Home Fires Burning from Green Street Hooligans 2. On this album you´ll find 15 songs which mean circa 3 minutes on one song. Instead of classic instruments like guitar, bass and drums you´ll hear also banjo and trumpet (No Help for Heroes). On first album I like the fact that the band knows how to make a song about the problem in society which isn´t too talked by government and politicians. So if you want to hear some lyrics which criticize UK system, choose Control. CD is opened with apocalyptic intro called Thrown To the Wolves which is dedication to UK government which turns away from the people. Second song is Punk Rock Ruined my Life really catch me with their aggressive sound (mainly bass and guitar solos and changing of the rough and soft vocal in refrain) and it is about how can punk rock band you play in change your life – you can see other places because of gigs but it can ruin your work and paying the bills. Second song is more melodic similar to older Dropkick Murphys stuff mainly thanks to its great singalong refrain. It is called High Time I Hung my Boots and it is about the feeling which everyone surely had to piss on everything but also that you always come back because it is great and we only have one life. Another song which I like is called No Help for Heroes with great refrain. In this song you can hear the trumpet and form me it is the best song from the album. It is about nonsense wars for the people above us. Then also great singalong masterpiece Rebellion in my Blood (which reminds me Agnostic Front stuff) and mainly song called Ian Huntley who is man (if you can say man about him) who has life imprisonment for murder of two 10 year girls (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/fc/Sohamchapmanandwells.jpg). This song is tied together with the next one called Job to Do which starts with acoustic guitar and it is about the state without justice for murderers and dangerous criminals with vigilante who took justice in his hands. Other songs are about the increasing criminality of teenagers when every teenager carries knife or gun (Another Mother´s Son), media that knows everything about skinheads (He´s a Skinhead – see official video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbBc49qQxO8), clever idea from British law to send mentally unstable free into normal society (Chaos in Community) or about the victims of war propaganda which draws war like holiday (Soliders of Misfortune). Great is also the short description to the lyrics (which is cool for people who doesn´t know every law which approved and you can´t understand it from the song- like Chaos in Community). As I wrote before it has really aggressive sound and you can´t rest while listening to that album…you will probably get angrier then before. Control is band which opens and pours salt into wounds which government tries to tape but leave without treatment to die. Really recommended and full points for Control (by the way this week I have to review only British bands so it looks like that we have 4th wave of British Oi! after several years).


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