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Giuda - Teenage Rebel
Band: Giuda
Land: Italien
Titel: Teenage Rebel
Cat.#: CR142
7 `EP 1000 -> im Shop
Release: 2014-01
Webseite: www.http://giuda.net/
Beschreibung: When we first heard a song from this band - it was about 3 years ago - we completely fell in love.

In the meantime GIUDA have made a lot of new fans around the globe.

Punks, Skinheads, Herberts, old SLADE or SWEET sweet maniacs, the president of AS Roma or the singer of DEF LEPPARD - they all love GIUDA. Why?
Because they are unique. GIUDA is the only band in the world which transforms the Glam and Glitter sound of the 70ies into 2013.
Now Contra is proud to present: "Teenage Rebel" and "It's my City" on wonderful vinyl. The title track is well known from their last full length "Let's do it again", "It's my City is a exclusive track for this 7"!


Als wir vor ungefähr drei Jahren das erste Mal von dieser Band hörten waren wir verliebt.

GIUDA haben in der Zwischenzeit - subkulturell gesehen - wie kaum eine andere Band die Musikwelt aufgemischt. Egal ob Punk, Skin, Herbert, ob alter SLADE und SWEET Fan, ob fesche Radiomiezen oder der Präsident vom AS Rom, selbst der Sänger von DEF LEPPARD - alle lieben GIUDA.

Warum? Weil die Band einzigartig ist! GIUDA ist weltweit die einzige Band, die den Glam- und Glitterrock der 70er in atemberaubender Perfektion in die Gegenwart katapultiert hat. Für uns war klar: Wir müssen was mit der Band machen!

Nun präsentieren wir voller Stolz:

"Teenage Rebel" und "It's my City" auf Vinyl. "Teenage Rebel" sollte bereits von der gerade erschienenen LP "Let's do it again" bekannt sein, "It's my City" ist ein exklusiver Song für diese 7".

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Giuda - Teenage Rebel
Fungo Records / Contra Records

More noise for the bovver boys from the terraces of AS Roma from your favorite Italian glamrockers Giuda! With “Teenage Rebel” Giuda brings you their second 7” EP from their sophomore album “Let’s Do It Again” on both Funga and Contra Records!

While side A holds the title -and already known track “Teenage Rebel” from “Let’s Do It Again” the flipside is the brand new and unreleased song “It’s My City”. Counting down with a cowbell is never a bad way to kick-off a song and with a fistful of great guitarlicks, fingersnaps, great lyrics and dito chorus it’s hard to believe that this tribute to their hometown Rome, Italy is ‘just’ a B-side. “It’s My City” includes all the ingredients for the perfect Giuda track and could easily have been on the full-length as well.

With that being said this is a easy pick up for anyone into Giuda. The music, the lyrics, the artwork, it’s all what you would expect from this amazing Italian band!

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