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Harrington Saints - Bootstraps
Band: Harrington Saints
Titel: Bootstraps
Cat.#: CR036
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Release: 2009-06
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/harringtonsaints
Beschreibung: Die neue Harrington Saints EP mit 2 Songs auf herrlichen Vinyl ist ab sofort lieferbar...
2 fette Ami-Bretter die ein guter Vorbote für das kommende Album sind!!!
Das Clear-Vinyl ist mit unzähligen silbernen & roten Tupfern gesprenkelt...

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Harrington Saints "Bootstraps"7`EP - http://www.oitheprint.at/
1000 Stück soll es weltweit dieser EP geben,angeblich erhältlich in den Farben silber, transparent-gesprenkelt und schwarz. "Bootstrap" is eine Auskopplung aus ihrem aktuellen Album und "City on fire" ist ein sehr schmissiger Mitgröhler. Für Sammler unabdingbar, da bestimmt schnell ausverkauft!!!!
Harrington Saints - Bootstraps EP 7"EP - Bandworm Records
(Endlich die zweite 7" der San Francisco Oisters! "Bootstraps" ist ein leckerer Vorgeschmack auf das in Kürze erscheinende Debütalbum! Allerbester California-Streetpunk mit britischen Roots, erinnert an das Oi! Revival in der Bay anno 1995-99-Reducers, Forgotten, Workin' Stiffs etc. Schwer limitierte Auflage in zwei verschiedenen Farben: silber und durchsichtig mit rot und silbernen Sprenkeln. Contra/Longshot 2009)

(Second 7" by the Harrington Saints, great Skinhead stuff from the Frisco Bay! Here is an smashin' teaser for their forthcoming debut long player! Very limited vinyl edition on two colors: silver and clear/red/silver splattered wax. Contra/Longshot 2009)
oiofamerica - oiofamerica.blogspot
Longshot Music / Contra Records
7" Vinyl
Street Punk

Track Listing:

A Bootstraps
B City On Fire

Another single by the Harrington Saints. I got all of my records by these guys at the same time because some people I know said how good they are and that I would love them. Very strong words from people I trust with mixed results. This 7" is better then their self titled, but still has a way to go to be great or even very good.

I think both songs are good but they just may not be that memorable. They start off with the title track Boot Straps. I actually like the chorus of the song and what the song is talking about. The lyrics are easy to remember, because with the phrasing of the lyrics, the "oh yeahs" in the chorus, and the bouncing bass line almost reminds my of a nursery rhyme. I am not ripping the song apart, just sharing that I sing a long to this song every time I play this album (which, admittedly, is not a lot). After i play this song I forget about it just as easy as it was to sing a long to it.

City On Fire starts off tougher and harder than a lot of Harrington Saint songs I have heard. The faster tempo and tougher sound totally helps them out. I still think that there are two many "whoa whoa's" and "yeah's" in their chorus, but with the shorter delivery by their vocalist it gives a very generic sound a better sense of purpose. The lyrics are simplistic (and in a lot of cases that is not a problem) and just talk about lost rights and a fucked up world without saying why and giving a better solution. When I listen to this band what I hear sometimes is a band that are good at playing their instruments but just feels very processed.

2.75 out of 5 Oi!'s
For fans of the Street Dogs, Knuckelead, later Drokick Murphay's, and The Old Firm Casuals.


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