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Hateful - Soundtrack for a Sinner
Band: Hateful
Land: Scotland
Titel: Soundtrack for a Sinner
Cat.#: CR134
12`LP 500  
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Release: 2013-07
Beschreibung: Everyone who ever has been listening to the last HATEFUL album "Killbowie Road" should ask themselves: How are the guys able to do anything better ever?
But HATEFUL did.Right at the beginning of their new record they clarify: HATEFUL will tread the legacy of THE CLASH better than any other band around.
Perfect songwriting meets great sing-a-long parts, but the main virtue which sets HATEFUL apart from most bands of today is: They have heart and soul, and they are able to transport that in their songs.
Not a single tone is played without dedication, singer Alex perfectly harmonizes with his band mates (?on drums: Kev from the legendary DISTORTED TRUTH), words can't describe their perfection.
Punk plus Rock N' Roll or Rock N' Roll plus Punk, catchy and melodic, engaged and down-to-earth.
Men in their fourties who sing about life and the downfall of the working class are (in my mind) much more trustable as if they'd sing about their "next streetfight" or stuff like that. Joe Strumme would be prou


The record comes with a heavy cover and an inlay which includes all lyrics.

100 clear wax

400 black wax

Contra Records 2013
Konnte es nach dem Vorgänger "Killbowie Road" noch eine Steigerungsstufe geben? HATEFUL machen es möglich und perfektionieren ihren Sound auf "Soundtrack for A Sinner" weiter.

Bereits bei "Distraction", dem zweiten Song der Platte, wird klar wohin die Reise (wieder einmal) geht: Das Erbe von THE CLASH so gut es geht zu verwalten. Die Schotten spielen wie aus einem Guss, da wird perfektes Songwriting mit genau gesetzten Sing--a-long Parts garniert, vor allem aber haben HATEFUL das was so vielen Bands mittlerweile leider abgeht: Songs mit Herz und Seele. Und - man ist auch noch in der Lage dies in der Musik zu transportieren. Da wird kein einziger Ton lieblos hingeschustert, Sänger Alex ist mit einzigartiger Hingabe dabei und harmoniert mit seinen Bandkollegen (u.a. Kev von den legendären DISTORTED TRUTH) so, dass mir fast die Superlative ausgehen. Mitreissender Rock N'Roll plus Punk oder Punk plus Rock N'Roll, das ist eingängig und kraftvoll, engagiert und bodenständig.

Dass Männer mittleren Alters aus den Pubs von Glasgow einiges mehr zu sagen haben als über das nächste Pint oder den bevorstehenden Streetfight zu philosophieren drückt sich dann auch in den Texten aus:

Gesellschaftskritik und Sozialromantik sind einige der Themen die HATEFUL in ihrer neuen Platte anschneiden. Joe Strummer wäre wahrlich stolz.

Die Platte kommt in einem 300 Gramm schweren Luxus-Cover und Einleger mit allen Texten + Downloadcode.
100 transparentes Vinyl

400 schwarzes Vinyl
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Nr. Titel Länge  
1 Soundtrack for a sinner 00:03:51
2 Distraction 00:02:54
3 Nice day for mischief 00:03:09
4 Giving the game away 00:03:06
5 Take what you get 00:03:22
6 Never enough 00:02:54
7 Cool impossible 00:03:54
8 Push 00:04:34
9 The naked and the dead 00:03:09
10 The wall 00:02:29
11 Heart attack 00:04:36
12 Init together 00:04:08
Gesamtlänge: 00:42:06  

oiofamerica - oiofamerica.blogspot
Track Listing:

1. Sound Track For a Sinner (Part 1 &2)
2. Distraction
3. Nice Day For A Mischief
4. Giving The Game Away
5. Take What You Get
6. Never Enough
7. Cool Impossible
8. Push
9. The naked And The Dead
10. The Wall
11. Heart Attack
12. All In It Together

Simple and pure is what got me in to punk rock when I was young. Through all the twists and turns. Through all the fads and sub genres. Simple and pure punk never left my soul. It feeds me. Even in the middle age of my life I still crave it. You know that sound and honest attitude when you hear it. It is hard to describe. It is even harder to explain why crazed youth with wild hearts get strung out on it like it is smack. I have to say Hateful has given me my fix on their newest album Soundtrack For A Sinner.
Right from the start you hear that these guys are not fucking around. You feel the passion with the first track Sound Track For A Sinner (Part 1 & 2). The song is equal parts drunken hymn and fiery rally cry. With the Clash infused rocker Distraction, the band lights the match and starts the fire. The track pushes through with all the piss and vinegar of 1977. Strummer would be proud.
Nice Day For A Mischief moves with the energy of the back alleys and dirty bars that gave birth to punk and oi. With a chorus that sticks in my head like a Gospel choir. Guitars that tear through the track with the ease that comes only through conviction to ones craft. Take What You Get gives us heavy slabs of bass and drum rhythm. This foundation supports soring guitars and straight razor vocals.
"Singing songs of Protest when they really don't care" is the intro chorus of Cool Impossible. Call to arms drumming and vocals stabbing at a cynical world is what Hateful gives us on this track. This song proves simple does not mean easy or lazy. Their talent is on display with strong riffs and great song writing. The naked And The Dead is a guitar fueled mid tempo rocker. Hateful takes the classic sounds of The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Cock Sparrer and make them feel contemporary. This band does not try to relive the past they honor it. They do this by taking that great energy and making it their own.
A cry in the dark, a shot to the heart is how they finish the album off. All In It Together is the final song on the record and Hateful finishes on a high note. A song meant to be sung at the top of your lungs. with heart, soul and passion Hateful has given a modern anthem. Grab your friends and family, grab a beer and sing-a-long. you will not regret it.

4.75 out 5 Oi!'s
For fans of: The Clash, The Stiff Little Fingers, Cock Sparrer, The Beltones, The GC5, The Forgotten, The Angelic Upstarts, Cockney Rejects, The Jam and Sham 69
http://www.massmovement.co.uk - massmovement.co.uk/wordpress/
Hateful have been around for quite some time, and some of my friends rave on about them, but for some reason this the first time I’ve given them a proper listen. I can only shake my head and admit I’ve been missing out big time as this is just the kind of thing I like. Streetpunk can be many things, and for me this is a great example of a band that doesn’t worry about the hype, or writing songs to fit a certain mould – they just get on with what they do best and that is writing punk rock, where the honesty shines through. It reminds me a lot of Belfast’s Runnin’ Riot, whereby a throaty vocalist who can carry a tune sings over some high energy punk rock. It’s all here, anthemic choruses, heartfelt tunes and some great musicianship – loads of guitar melodies, and the drumming is tight as hell. As with the likes of Runnin’ Riot, Gimp Fist or SLF, the influences on here go beyond punk rock, with the occasional folky touch that fits in perfectly with Hateful’s songs of protest, coming together to create a sound that is completely authentic. Tom Chapman
Backstreet Battalion Skinzine - www.backstreetbattalion.com
8 / 10 points

Hateful - Soundtrack for a Sinner

Rebellion Records/Contra Records - CD -

Hateful is great (but unappreciated) Scotish streetpunk band and this is their fourth album. The band perfectly combines punk rock and rock´n´roll with great energy and melody which is almost ubeliveable. On this CD you can find 12 songs. The band is based on great guitar and also great singalongu, which might be sometimes harder then make music on high level. And Hateful really know how to play it because almost each song is great hit and some of them have passages with solo vocals. Take Social Distortion which are really melodic and spiced them and sharp them with rudeness and you have Hateful sound. Or take Argy Bargy and breed them with the Clash and you will have the sound (like in song Nice Day for a Mischief). They have also some songs with reggae guitar (Nefver Enough). From mentioned bands you can imagine how their sound. There is also ballad with piano (Heart Attack). I have just the gigi version so no words about booklet. Best songs are for me Push, The Naked and the Dead and the last but not least All in Together. I will recommend this to all fans of great sing-alongs and melodic stuff. You can´t go wrong with that band.
American Oi! Blog - www.american-oi.com
Hateful from Britain released their debut CD “Reasons To Be Hateful” on Rebellion Records ten years ago. Despite the fact that it was a great album their previous records “Diamonds Among The Coal” (2005) and “Killbowie Road” (2009) were not noticed by me and aren’t in my collection. Unfortunately I must say after hearing their new album “Soundtrack For A Sinner”.

Just like ten years ago, the band still takes the best of bands such as The Business, Cock Sparrer and The Clash and blend it into a fantastic mix of Oi!, streetpunk and punkrock that seems to be highly underrated within the scene, and to be honest, by myself as well. Because if you are into any of the previous mentioned bands there will be plenty of tracks on “Soundtrack For A Sinner” to enjoy and if you are into either The Business or Cock Sparrer and The Clash it’s going to be a tough one finding a song on here you won’t like!

Rebellion Records released this album on CD and the vinyl version was already released last month by Contra Records, and I’m glad they did. Hateful might not walk the same road your average Oi! band might do, but that makes them stand out, in a positive way! Just check it out and you’ll be convinced as well, without a doubt!


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