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Hawkins Thugs - My Own Path
Band: Hawkins Thugs
Land: Spain
Titel: My Own Path
Cat.#: CR138
7`EP Total Edition 300 -> im Shop
Release: 2014-04
Webseite: https://www.facebook.com/HawkinsThugs?fr
Beschreibung: Messerscharfe, hoch gestimmte Gitarren, mehrstimmige Refrains und aggressiv-pissiger Gesang mit leichtem Akzent, das sind die Markenzeichen der HAWKINS THUGS aus Mondragon im Baskenland.
HAWKINS THUGS orientieren sich stark an Bands wie PERKELE oder TEMPLARS, auch die Nähe zu (der Vorgängerband) AGGRESSIVE COMBAT ist nicht zu verleugnen.
Knochentrockener Oi! Sound ohne Ausflüge in genrefremde Gefilde, hier ist wieder eine Band am Start wo der Name "Hawkins Thugs" nicht einfach mal zufällig gewählt wurde.
Traditioneller Oi! und nichts anderes, kein Folk, kein Metal, kein jammerndes Geheule. Hier geht es direkt auf die 12!
Drei eigene Songs plus eine wunderbare Coverversion des "Pour la Gloire" Überhits von CAMERA SILENS.
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Nr. Titel Länge  
1 My Own Path 00:03:08
2 Never Forget 00:03:13
3 Old Time Hooligan 00:02:12
4 Pour La Gloire 00:02:53
Gesamtlänge: 00:11:26  

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Hawkins Thugs – My Own Path EP

It has been a while since i heard such an impressive debute record! The Hawkins Thugs are a young and new band from the Basque Country. Despite being recorded in 2012 this EP breathes nostalgia all the way.

The band name as well as the artwork are inspired by the paperback novels written by James Moffat a.k.a. Richard Allen. In combination with the black and white pics and simple (but good looking!) artwork it gave a sort of 80ies look.

The band plays skinhead rock’n’roll and their sound balances somewhere between the chiswick-like style that bands like The Templars, The Janitors or Bombardiers play and, on the other hand, the music has a french edge which is emphasized by an excellent version of the Camera Silens song Pour La Gloire.

After hearing many, many bands from the Spanish State who mix their Oi! music with hardcore or metal it’s refreshing to hear a band that goes back to the origins of Oi! Simple and honest straightforward skinhead rock & roll as it was intended to be.
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8 / 10 points

Hawkins Thugs - My Own Path

Contra Records - EP -

Hawkins Thugs comes from Basque country and this is their debut released on Contra Records. On EP you may listen to 4 songs – My Own Path, Never Forget (check the official video on http://youtu.be/HAa0FZ1aqEE), Old Time Hooligan and Pour La Glorie (which is cover from Camera Silens). The band plays in four and each member (except drummer) is helping on vocals. Musically it is classic Oi! with no touches of metal, HC or any other styles (which you may recognize also from their visage in video). You may expect guitar with light booster like stuff from Chickswick Records, The Templars or The Veros, with time to time solo. I was waiting whole time if I will hear saxophone because it will really fits into this style and it came! In the last song! Lyrics are also classics – in first song you will hear „where have all the bootboys gone“. Most of all I like songs Never Forget and Old Time Hooligan. On the cover is Joe Hawkins and part of the book chapter in the background. I have it just in digital format so I don´t know about paper with lyrics and backside if there are lyrics or not. EP is limited to 500 copies. Fans of classic sound will like them because it sounds like bands from 80´s from Britain or France. Fine.
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Hawkins Thugs - My Own Path
Contra Records

Hawkins Thugs is still a rather new band from the Basque Country (Spain, border with France), so if you haven’t heard from this band, who formed in 2012, yet I wouldn’t be surprised. But now would be a good time to open up your ears because Contra Records is about to release the band’s debut EP “My Own Path”, so read on!

What you get on “My Own Path” are four tracks of Oi! music in the vein of bands such as Evil Conduct, Templars, Perkele and Bishops Green. Powerful tunes with clean guitars, great choruses to sing-a-long to and, a bit of, snotty (in a positive ‘punk way’, nothing negative about it) vocals by singer Aritz to top it off. I like both Hawkins Thug’s 3 own songs, “My Own Path”, “Never Forget” and “Old Time Hooligan” as well as the Camera Silens (I believe) cover “Pour La Gloire” which is complete with saxophone, nice!

On the opening, and also title track, “My Own Path” they sing ‘Where have all the bootboys gone?... I’m the last one in my town!’ and I hope that this ‘fact’ doesn’t discourage Hawkins Thugs to go on, because this debut 7” tastes like more!


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