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Marching Orders / Control - Stand your ground
Band: Marching Orders / Control
Titel: Stand your ground
Cat.#: CR038
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Release: 2009-07
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/marchingorders
Beschreibung: Bekannt aus dem original Soundtrack zu “HOOLIGAN 2” knallen uns hier die Australier & die Briten den Sound zur 3. Halbzeit ‘09 entgegen. Kooperation zwischen “Longshot Music” (US) & “Contra Rec.”

Der Wahnsinn hat 6 verschiedene Varianten & ist auf 500 Stk. in den USA & 500 Stk in Europa limitiert.

...wir haben: 25x black, 75x tricolor, 25x splattered, 75x red, 75x blue & 75x white
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Marching O./Control-Stand your Ground EP - http://www.oitheprint.at/
Control aus UK und Marching Orders aus Australien teilen sich diese EP zu je 2 Sonx. 6 Farben gibt es davon, 500 Stück in Europa und 500 für den amerikanischen Markt. "Featured in the new Film Green Street 2" steht auf dem Cover und so ist es auch: 4 Hooligan Stampfer der Güteklasse A und es gibt hier auf dem Vinyl nur Gewinner. Hört euch mal " Stand up and fight" von Control an oder den Marching Orders Hit " Brothers in arms". 2 Bands die man weiter beobachten sollte und schön, daß es noch das 7" Format gibt.
Backstreet Battalion Skinzine - www.backstreetbattalion.com
8 / 10 points

Control/Marching Orders - Stand Your Ground

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

I think that this split EP was released because of the film Green Street Hooligans 2 (bullshit really) because of the fact that both bands have their song on its soundtrack (Marching Order have on it song Brothers in Arms which is also here and Control has there Home Fires Burning which isn´t on this EP). On blue vinyl (the Ep was released in 1000 copies and 6 colored versions) has each band 2 songs. On Australian part of the EP is the song from film Brothers in Arms (which was released on 10´´ Dead End Street before) and it is punk rock singalong about the fact that if we stick together we have to win everything and you can hear acoustic guitar there. Then we have Never Let You Down released later on full length album Days Gone By. This about the fact that I will always stay by your side, never leave you and never let you fall down. On the British side of the album contains songs released on debut album Hooligan Rock´n´Roll – the first is Stand Up and Fight great song about the fact that we have enough of all around and the time to rise against the system is coming. Song has great end part with refrain and vocals in the background. The second is called Be a Vigilante and it is about the fact that crime is rising, human rights are for psychopaths and the time has come to show the scum our strength. As I said in reviews before, music of Control is on high level with street influence in hardness and fierceness similar to harder Argy Bargy stuff. In the cover from Muna is paper with lyrics, photos and advertisement on other releases from the labels. For those who have the albums from which are the songs taken is not necessary to have this EP at home but as a introduction of both bands is great because both bands have there the songs which really represent their style.

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