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Midnight Tattoo - True Sound of Punk
Band: Midnight Tattoo
Land: Belgium
Titel: True Sound of Punk
Cat.#: CR139
7 `EP black Cover brown 100 -> im Shop
7 `EP black Cover red 200 -> im Shop
7 `EP Total Edition 300 -> im Shop
Release: 2014-05
Beschreibung: MIDNIGHT TATTOO. The band name reminds to bands that are more into Rockabilly or Punk N'Roll, but (fortunately) MIDNIGHT TATTOO is not. No, the guys from Antwerp / Belgium play crunchy Streetpunk in a style that was served from labels such as Helen of Oi! or Hammer Records back in the 90ies. Which means a lot of Oi! and no "Roll", melodic and tough. Just like bands like THE OLD FIRM CASUALS or BOOZE AND GLORY serve today too. The 3-piece delivers 3 sing-a-long tracks for anyone who is into THE BUSINESS, SECTION 5 or the bands above.

Limited to 300, 200 in a red cover artwork, 100 in red-brown cover artwork

MIDNIGHT TATTOO. Der Name assoziiert im ersten Moment an eine Punk'N'Roll oder Rockabilly Band zu denken, dem ist aber (glücklicherweise) überhaupt nicht so. Nein, MIDNIGHT TATTOO aus Antwerpen / Belgien spielen knackigen Streetpunk, den uns in den 90er Jahren Label wie Helen Of Oi! oder Hammer Records auf den Plattenteller servierten. Also viel Oi! und eher weniger "Roll", aber eben auch keinen stumpfen Haudrauf-Sound - neuerdings gehen Bands wie OLD FIRM CASUALS oder BOOZE AND GLORY ja ebenfalls in diese Richtung. Das Trio liefert hier 3 knackige Sing-a-long Nummern für den geneigten Fan von THE BUSINESS, SECTION 5 oder der genannten Bands. "True Sound of Punk". Kann man so stehen lassen!

Die Single ist auf 300 Stück limitiert, davon gibt es 200 im roten Coverartwork und 100 in rotbraun.
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Nr. Titel Länge  
1 Kings without a Crown 00:02:13
2 Road Trip 00:04:09
3 StreetRock 00:01:05
Gesamtlänge: 00:07:27  

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Midnight Tattoo - True Sound Of Punk
Contra Records

Despite the fact that Midnight Tattoo’s home Antwerp (Belgium) is only an hour away from my city Rotterdam (The Netherlands) I never heard a song from these guys before. Maybe it’s not so weird, because this Belgian Oi! / streetpunk outfit only released a demo and a self-titled EP prior to the “True Sound Of Punk” 7”, released by German label Contra Records.

Although Belgium is our neighboring country and I obviously know some oldies like The Agitators, Funeral Dress or Headcase I haven’t been really up to date on what is going on in the Belgian scene when it comes down to Oi! and streetpunk music. So when I received this promo I was curious what these guys would sound like and to be honest, the boys from Antwerp surprised me in a positive way!

What you get on “True Sound Of Punk” are three catchy, melodic tunes that sound like a mixture of Evil Conduct, Funeral Dress and early Lower Class Brats. Simple, but effective, sing-a-longs where one song, “Kings Without A Crown”, leans more to their Oi! side and the songs “Streetrock” and “Road Trip” more to their streetpunk side with vocals that remind me somewhat of a young Bones (LCB), but with a bit of an Belgian accent.

Pretty fun to listen to with a lot of punk and skinhead unity in the lyrics. Curious if a full-length can keep my attention as well, so bring it on Midnight Tattoo!


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