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Oldfashioned Ideas - Don´t believe a word they say
Band: Oldfashioned Ideas
Land: Sweden
Titel: Don´t believe a word they say
Cat.#: CR151
12´LP black 400  
12´LP blue 100  
12´LP Total Edition 500  
Release: 2014-04
Beschreibung: Nachdem wir im letzten Jahr bereits die Split mit BLACK MARIAS herausgebracht haben, vertrauen uns die Schweden weiter und veröffentlichen ihr drittes Album bei Contra!
18, in Worten Achtzehn neue Songs der Oi! Bulldozer aus Malmö. Ungewöhnlich, denn andere Bands machen bei soviel Output gleich mal ein Doppelalbum, hier gibt es also wirklich "Value for Money".
OLDFASHIONED IDEAS machen auch auf dem neuen Album da weiter, wo sie auf ihren vorangegangenen Releases aufgehört haben: Knallharter, brutaler Oi! Sound im Stile (alter) ARGY BARGY und ähnlich gelagerter UK-Bands.
Prägend und markant ist sicherlich der Bulldoggen-Gesang von Frontmann Per plus die hymnenhaften Chöre, so dass sich Songs wie "Punks & Skins" oder "Still believe in Unity" in die Gehörgänge fressen.
OLDFASHIONED IDEAS sind nämlich eine Band, die die alte Unity Romantik ganz im Sinne von BLITZ oder BRAINDANCE kompromisslos in ihren Lyrics thematisieren (Passend dazu auch das signifikante Coverartwork).
Schwedischer Dampfhammer Oi! wie ein Bodycheck von Zlatan Ibrahimovic! Contra Records 2014

Pressing Info:
High Gloss Cover mit bedruckter Innenhülle
400 x schwarzes Vinyl
100 x blaues Vinyl
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9 / 10 points

Oldfashioned Ideas - Don´t Believe A Word They Say

Contra Records - LP -

Third album from this Swedish guys from Malmö is called Don´t Belive a Word They Say and according to the graphics of the cover you may recognize that it is from them. On the cover is some punk chick again and also the fonts and color are the same as before. The band is still playing in three piece line up and their music is going straightforward (as usual) from the first track Punks and Skins to the last one On and On (with acoustic beginning which is quite unusual for them). All songs are in English (all their previous stuff except one EP were in English) and I have to say that English suits them very well (it is not so hard as their Swedish album). I always like the band because their songs were based on singalong and simple but well remembered melodies and this you will find also on Don´t Believe A Word They Say album (like great track called Always Forward which is middle rhythm and after ten beers you will shout it in the pub, Still Belive in Unity which is one song earlier or Holidays). Other great songs are Loyal to my Crew, Bringing Down the System or Stand Out From the Crowd. Together you may listen to 18 songs which looks like too long album but the playing time is circa 40 minuts which is OK and you may bet what are the songs about (according to the titles because I have it just in digital form). I love their previous stuff and I like also this one. This is album with high quality stuff!
American Oi! Blog - www.american-oi.com
Oldfashioned Ideas - Don't Believe A Word They Say
Contra Records

Oldfashioned Ideas, around since 2009 have already two full-lengths, 2 EP’s and a split EP with the Black Marias under their belt, but I never really gave them a listen. Until a couple of weeks ago when I had the bright idea to order their sophomore album “Promises Mean Nothing”, from the start I was sold and I fell bummed out that I didn’t check them out earlier! With that being said, I didn’t had a clue a new release was coming out ‘till I got an e-mail from Contra Records if I wanted to review the new Oldfashioned Ideas album “Don’t Believe A Word They Say”, of course I didn’t have to think twice about that request!

“Don’t Believe A Word They Say” kicks off straight away with yet another Oldfashioned Idea anthem simply called “Punks And Skins”. Although the title is one you saw many times many times before, this is a real powerpacked song, super catchy and a anthemic chorus, one of those songs I could listen all day too. But there is more, seventeen more to be exact! That’s right, “Don’t Believe A Word They Say” contains a total of eighteen tracks, which sounds like a lot, and obviously it is a lot, but Oldfashioned Ideas doesn’t seem to bore for a single minute, simply because the opening track isn’t the only anthem on here. Every single track is an explosive mix of punk and Oi!, mostly uptemo but always catchy with mean vocals and tons of back-up vocals and sing-a-longs to top it off, fuckin’ awesome!

Despite the fact that Oldfashioned Ideas hails from Sweden all eighteen songs on “Don’t Believe A Word They Say” are in English. And like I said, most of the songtitles such as “Oi! You!”, “Still Believe In Unity”, “Loyal To My Crew”, “Bringing Down The System” and “Stand Out From The Crowd” don’t leave much to the imagination, but if you bring it with so much power, class and energy as Oldfashioned Ideas you stand out from the crowd as it is. If you love Oi!-punk you will love “Don’t Believe A Word They Say”!


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