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On The Job & Stamford Bridge - split
Band: On The Job & Stamford Bridge
Land: (Sweden & USA)
Titel: split
Cat.#: CR056
7`EP black 100 -> im Shop
7`EP blue with white & red splatters 250 -> im Shop
7`EP blue with yellow splatters 250 -> im Shop
7`EP Total Edition 600 -> im Shop
Release: 2010-05
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/onthejob
Beschreibung: Fette Split der Oi!-Überflieger aus Schweden ON THE JOB & den Ami's STAMFORD BRIDGE...

On The Job mit ihren bisher besten Songs treffen auf Carl Templar's Stamford Bridge! Klassischer Oi! mit leichtem Mod-Einschlag, derzeit wohl die Creme de la Creme des Bootboy-Sounds!
Bilder: 7`EP Total Edition / 600
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On the Job/Stamford Bridge - s/t

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

This is little bit older split EP of US band called Stamford Bridge which is another side project of Carl and Phil from The Templars which includes keyboards and Swedish band On the Job. EP is released in 600 copies, 250 in blue with red and white splatters, 250 in blue witj yellow splatters and 100 black (I have this one). Every band has two songs on the EP.. Stamford Bridge has songs For a While and If Only. Sound is slower Oi! with oldschool sound spiced up with mod beat, pub rock and glam rock and I have to admire that it is really great. And as I said before Carl plays here keyboards in both songs (but also guitar and bass as usual) and in second song If Only you will hear female vocal. Interersting is the fact that both songs were recorded in 2004 but they see the light of the day in 2010. On the Job comes from Carslcrona city which is harbor founded in 1680 to honor the king Carl and which produced warships…and about this topic is the first song called 1680. Second song is called Constable Henry which is classic story of local zero who join the boys in blue and then he makes your life difficult (similar song you may know from their colleagues from Saturday´s Heroes – Jimmy Law). On the Job are playing fresh singalong streetpunk with two guitars which isn´t too difficult music but it listens well and melodies are easy to remember. To EP is added ppaper with some info about both bands but lyrics are here just from on the Job. Good piece from bands which both worth listening


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