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Scab Coma - same
Band: Scab Coma
Land: Canada
Titel: same
Cat.#: CR125
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Release: 2013-11
Beschreibung: The long awaited debut 7" of SCAB COMA from Quebec / Canada. As you know, this is the french speaking part of north america, so the band sings in french too. Anyone who is into the typical "hard but smart"

(and melodic) style of "french Oi!" should definitely give them a listen, the band is exactly playing that sound. Here you'll get 4 brilliant stomping Oi! songs in the veins of bands such as HARD TIMES or HORS CONTROLE
pressing info:
200 x black
100 x splattered

Lange angekündigt, nun endlich da: das Debüt von SCAB COMA aus Kanada, genauer aus Quebec. Wer in der Schule fein aufgepasst hat weiss dass dort nicht englisch, sondern französisch gesprochen - und im Falle von SCAB COMA eben auch gesungen wird. Freunde des typisch harten aber dennoch melodischen "French Oi!" können sich freuen, denn die Band um Sänger Fred schlägt genau in diese Kerbe. Auf der Scheibe gibt es 4 ordentliche Oi! Stomper, HORS CONTROLE oder HARD TIMES grüßen aus der Ferne.
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Nr. Titel Länge  
1 Nuit sombre 00:03:31
2 Politicien 00:02:49
3 Travailleur pauvre 00:03:33
4 La papetière 00:02:03
Gesamtlänge: 00:11:56  

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Scab Coma - S/T
Contra Records

I guess it’s no coincidence, but I received a message from one of the band members of Scab Coma if I wanted to check out their band a day after I received their debut EP through my Under One Flag series subscription in my mailbox. Funny, because prior to that week I have never heard of the band who have their homebase in Quebec, Canada.

Despite the fact that their hometown is in the French speaking part of Canada that does not have to mean that Scab Coma sings in their native tongue, but on this first EP they do and that makes me one happy camper! Because even though I can hardly understand a word of French it is one of my favorite languages to be used when it comes down to punk and Oi! music!

The four tracks on Scab Coma’s debut EP surprised me in a very positive way! Since I never heard these guys before I didn’t really knew what to expect, but every single song on this piece of vinyl sounds hard, tight and tough but still melodic. A bit like French Oi! band Haircut but maybe with a bit of a metal / hardcore kind of edge to it to top it off, awesome!

If you like those tougher sounding French (-Canadian) bands I am pretty sure you will like Scab Coma as well and if you don’t have a part in the Under One Flag series you definitely need to pick up the regular EP that was released by Contra Records! Great debut EP!


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