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Slick 46 - HURRY UP
Band: Slick 46
Land: Australian
Cat.#: CR072
12`LP A-Side/B-Side Colored 300 -> im Shop
12`LP black 50 -> im Shop
12`LP white 150 -> im Shop
12`LP+CD with GatefoldcoverTotal Edition 500 -> im Shop
Release: 2011-04
Webseite: http://slick46.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/slick46
Beschreibung: Neues Album der australischen Streetpunks! Nach wie vor regiert der rüpelhafte, erdige UK-Oi! Sound, den man ganz gut mit THE BUSINESS oder ARGY BARGY vergleichen könnte, wenn - ja wenn da nicht die wahnsinnige zweite Stimme wäre, die Bassistin Flea gehört. Die klingt wie die Zwillingsschwester von DEADLINE-Liz und gibt SLICK 46 eine ganz spezielle Note. Wer also auf klassischen Oi! steht und die neuen DEADLINE etwas zu poppig sind sollte hier die Ohren aufsperren!
A new album from the australian Streetpunk Band! They still play their remarkable, typical "UK-Oi! Sound" which is comparable to Bands such as ARGY BARGY or THE BUSINESS but they also have their very own trademark which is the second vocalist, the sexy and catchy voice by bass player Flea. She sometimes reminds me to Liz from DEADLINE and shapes the Sound of SLICK 46 in a very unique way. So if you are into the aforementioned Bands you will love the new SLICK 46 Album!
Bilder: 12`LP A-Side/B-Side Colored  / 30012`LP black / 5012`LP white / 150

Interpunk - http://www.interpunk.com
SLICK 46 is quickly being recognized for the talents that they are outside of their native land of Australia. Having been slogging it out for well over a decade with numerous independently release CDs to their credit, this is the 4th release with Longshot, the latest 2 of which have also been co-released with Contra Records out of Germany. With these recent releases, the quality of the songs has been improving and their fan-base is growing. The sound is still a no-nonsense, punk-as-fuck Oi! while being catchy as hell!! Available on limited edition color vinyl in a deluxe gatefold jacket that even includes a CD version...
Moloko Plus Online Zine - http://www.moloko-plus.de
Leider beschränkt sich Flea vom australischen Streetpunk Trio Slick 46 in erster Linie auf das Zupfen ihrer Basssaiten und greift nur in Ausnahmefällen auch mal zum Gesangsmikro. Aber gerade das hätte „Hurry up“ öfter mal gut vertragen können, um der Platte etwas frischen Wind zu verleihen.
Denn so klingt die ganze Geschichte leider sehr nach einem angestaubten The Business Album aus den tiefsten 80ern und plätschert bzw. holpert und poltert nur so vor sich hin.
Was hängen bleibt sind ein paar dünn gesäte Lichtblicke mit der weiblichen Verstärkung am Gesang, ansonsten regiert allenfalls Mittelmaß.
Bei der Aufmachung lässt man im Hause Contra wie gewöhnlich nichts anbrennen: Klappcover, farbiges Vinyl, beiliegende CD,…

Backstreet Battalion Skinzine - www.backstreetbattalion.com
8 / 10 points

Slick 46 - Hurry Up

Contra Records/Longshot Music - CD - 24:03

Another CD of Australian streetpunk Slick 46 this time called Hurry Up. Line-up is similar as on the album Young Love, which means two boys and one girl (you can hear her in refrains and more in the song Don´t Pray for Me where she has main parts). On album is 9 songs (including cover Guns of Brixton from The Clash with similar intro but faster main part), which is similar ratio to the number of songs and playtime on other albums. Music is well played punk rock with no difficulties and with 100% touch of British bands like The Business. Lyrics are very straightforward about cowards (Nobody´s Hero), neighbours (Halo Boys), about how people telling you that you are an outlaw and going straight to hell (Don´t Pray for Me), or about how we like not to be like the others (Not Like You). Common denominator of the songs is catchy refrain and singalong which can be heard in songs like Halo Boys or Lies and Tricks. I was pleasantly surprised with acoustic song Hard Ride which I didn´t expect. CD is done as some kind of weird digipack called digisleeve (where CD is hidden directly in the cover) with lyrics and photos between them and thankslist. I have to say that I have liked album I Don´t Wanna, Young Love was not my cup of tea at all but this one I like again. Playtime is little bit short but the band didn´t bore you. Album is also released as a LP in 3 different colors. Good music which is good for listening and another prove Aussie´s bands quality.


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