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Split 7"EP - a better TOMORROW
Band: Split 7"EP
Land: USA
Titel: a better TOMORROW
Cat.#: CR083
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Release: 2012-01
Beschreibung: Noi!se, Razors in the Night, Broadsiders und Sydney Ducks
It's not easy to find superlatives in these days we live. everything is the best, the hardest, the coolest…But trust us, this is the real deal. This are four of todays best american Oi! & Streetpunk bands. Let's start with NOi!SE, which seems to be the band everybody likes who is into real punk music: "Idle Action" is a typical sing-a-long track, if you are not ashamed for yourself compared to the unbelievable voice of singer Matt from NOiSE. Right after them Boston's RAZORS IN THE NIGHT with "Frustration", which blows all frustration out of your ears! Pure violence, mixing the best from Oi! & Hardcore…think about if SICK OF IT ALL, DISCIPLINE and SHEER TERROR meet a band like the ANTI HEROS. In the B-Side we'll find THE BROADSIDERS and the SYDNEY DUCKS. Both are bands with great street-hymns, as PERKELE did a few years ago on their "Voice Of Anger" sessions. Here are 4 masterpieces of Street Rock'N'Roll.

In Zeiten, in denen man uns überall sämtliche neuen Releases - egal ob sie von einer rumpeligen Dorf-Deppen-Combo oder von der durchgestylten Chartsband kommen - als das absolute "Must-Have" und Nonplusultra verkauft fällt es in der Tat schwer noch Superlativen zu finden. Aber vertraut mir, die hier vertretenen Bands zählen derzeit wirklich mit zum Besten was die (amerikanische) Oi!-Szene zu bieten hat. Angefangen bei NOI!SE, die sich innerhalb der letzten Monate zu einer Art Konsens-Band entwickelt haben - jeder ist beeindruckt und mag den Sound der Herren aus Tacoma. "Idle Action" ist eine gewohnte mitgröhlkompatible Nummer - allerdings wird man sich wohl beim Mitgröhlen ob seiner eigenen bescheidenen Gesangstalente schämen - sofern man sich mit der Stimme von NOI!SE-Sänger Matt vergleicht. Gleich danach blasen dir dann RAZORS IN THE NIGHT mit "Frustration" ebenjene aus den Gehörgängen: Das ist die pure Gewalt aus Hardcore und Oi!…SICK OF IT ALL und SHEER TERROR treffen auf DISCIPLINE oder die ANTI HEROS. Demgegenüber stehen auf der B-Seite THE BROADSIDERS und die SYDNEY DUCKS. Beide begeistern mit unheimlich trockenen Street-Hymnen wie ich sie seit der "Voice Of Anger" Phase von PERKELE lange nicht mehr gehört habe. Ich würde mich fast auf ein "Geld zurück bei Nichtgefallen" einlassen. Das ist die Cremè de la Cremè!
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Backstreet Battalion Skinzine - www.backstreetbattalion.com
9 / 10 points

v/a - A Better Tomorrow, The Next Generation of US Oi!

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

This is foursplit EP which maps current Oi!/streetpunk scene in USA. Contra and Longshot choose for it these bands: Noi!se, Razors in the Nigh, The Broadsiders (all have interview here on BB) and Sydney Ducks. All bands have in common the fact that they have two guitars. All songs (except Brannan´s Fall from Sydney Ducks) are new one. EP is opened with Noi!se and their song called Idle Action (check the fresh video to this song on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQTSWfuPH_Y). Song is about the hypocrisy of those who are speaking about the defense of the working class but under their skin they are just slaves of the system. Song is really genial – great singalong refrain at the end which is forgone by bass solo and followed by great guitar solo. Razors In the Night presents here their typical mix of Oi! and HC – faster music with melodic and more hard/heavy parts with great singalong composed by vocals of the boys and girls around the band. Lyrics is about the fact that you can be frustrated by the world which never done anything good for you but with your values, friends and convictions you survive. The Broadsiders is opening the B side with the song called The Good Men Do – faster piece with guitar without booster which kick you back to Perkele´s Voice of Anger era. Song is about troublemaker who is going straight to grave by his way of life. EP ends with Sydney Ducks song from demo (but re-recorded) called Brannan´s Fall about some guy from San Franisco area in 19th century gold rush. Music of Sydney Ducks is based also on guitar with no booster effect but it is slower and more melodic. To four great songs you can add cover from Muna, paper with lyrics, photos, solo thankslist for each band and paper with download code. Together it is great EP which introduces you current great bands from United States of America.


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