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Stranglehold - same
Band: Stranglehold
Land: Australia
Titel: same
Cat.#: CR095
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7`EP oxblood 300 -> im Shop
7`EP splatter 150 -> im Shop
7`EP Total Edition 500 -> im Shop
Release: 2012-06
Beschreibung: english:

Melbourne, Australia. Hometown of MARCHING ORDERS, Kylie Minogue and Brody Dalle.

Two of the bands named before make the sound of STRANGLEHOLD. Don't worry, you can delete Kylie from the list, but the comparison to the DISTILLERS is easy and useful. STRANGLEHOLD is Ben´s and Brod´s second band, both from MARCHING ORDERS, plus Lease on the drums and singer Lisa. And this girl has a charismatic-rough voice just like Brody from the DISTILLERS. Maybe they used the same mouthwash! She sings powerfully and a bit brutally, although with full emotion, supported by the outstanding guitar playing of our MARCHING ORDERS friends. Four female fronted Punkrock Hits, including a perfect cover of the STIFF LITTLE FINGERS ("Suspect Device"), it's a must-have if you like CIVET, SUZIE QUATRO or the THE DISTILLERS´ first two records.

Melbourne, Australien. Heimat der MARCHING ORDERS, Geburtsort von Kylie Minogue und Brody Dalle.

Zwei der drei Genannten ergeben den Sound von STRANGLEHOLD. Keine Angst - die Kylie könnt ihr getrost aussen vor lassen - doch der DISTILLERS Vergleich bietet sich geradezu an. STRANGLEHOLD, das sind Brod & Ben von den MARCHING ORDERS plus Drummerin Lease und Frontfrau Lisa. Diese Dame hat eine ähnlich charismatisch-raue Stimmlage wie Mrs. Dalle, da wurde früher offensichtlich mit dem selben Mundwasser gegurgelt. Kraftvoll und brutal, aber dennoch voller Emotionen knödelt Lisa ins Mikro, unterstützt von der sowieso überragenden Gitarrensektion der MARCHING ORDERS. Vier female fronted Punkrock-Knaller, darunter ein passendes STIFF LITTLE FINGERS Cover ("Suspect Device"), für Freunde von CIVET, SUZIE QUATRO oder den ersten beiden DISTILLERS Platten schwer zu empfehlen!
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Stranglehold - s/t

Contra Records/Longshot Music - EP -

Stranglehold is next new breed band from Australia continent and this is their debut stuff. The band has four members (two guys which you may know from Marching Orders and two girls, but tgey have two guitars – Lisa sings but also plays guitar. On EP´s which are pressed in 500 pieces (oxblood, splattered and black) are four songs including Stiff Little Fingers cover Suspect Device. On A side are songs Never Hold Me Back and Bite the Bullet and on B side Two Way Street and cover mentioned above. Lisa has little bit shouted vocal so analogy with Brody from The Distillers is evident (mainly in song called Bite the Bullet which is really fast punk rock song). Never Hold Me Back (which is the best song for me from the EP) and Two Way Street are slower melodic songs compared to Bite the Bullet. EP has also nice design but again there is no paper with lyrics inside which is a pity and I think that it should be there. Next promising punk rock band from antipodes which worth hearing.

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