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The Corps - Know the Code
Band: The Corps
Land: Australia
Titel: Know the Code
Cat.#: CR101
12´ LP black 100  
12´LP ultra clear w black haze 300  
12´LP white 100  
Release: 2012-12
Beschreibung: Song Numero 1 zieht gleich klar: Hier gibt's nix zu holen. Für niemanden. Genauso brutal wie einst Mike Tyson nach dem ersten Gong auf seine bemitleidenswerten Gegner losstürmte, so donnern die Australier gleich zu Anfang aus den Boxen: "The time for talking is over!". Aggro-Punk in der Schwergewichts-Liga, hier zählt nur der K.O.
und nicht der Punktsieg!

Die Jungs aus Sydney machen auf "Know the Code" genau da weiter, wo sie auf dem Vorgänger ("A Bottle of Rock N' Roll") aufgehört haben:
Wütender Hardcore-Rock N'Roll - hier trifft meiner Meinung nach die Bezeichnung "Streetcore" mehr zu als bei jeder anderen Band des Planeten. Im Sound von THE CORPS finden sich sowohl AC/DC und ROSE TATTOO (wäre ja noch schöner wenn nicht), NASHVILLE PUSSY und MOTÖRHEAD, aber auch SICK OF IT ALL oder BLOOD FOR BLOOD. Wobei dieses Mal der AC/DC Anteil etwas hochgefahren wurde, große Klasse! Alles nach wie vor getragen vom bellenden, aber dennoch nicht schreiendem Gesang von Frontmann Alex. Songs von Outsidern für Outsider (oder die die es gerne wären). Achtung! "Know the Code" verleitet zum berühmten "sich-für-unbesiegbar-halten" - vermeidet also die Scheibe als direkten Soundtrack während der Autofahrt, im Gästeblock des Fussballstadions oder im örtlichen Verbrecherviertel auf den Ohren zu haben. Oder extra gerade deswegen, it's up to you!

"Know the Code" erscheint in 500er Auflage, davon kommen 100 Scheiben in Schwarz, 100 in Weiss und 300 in "hazed" Vinyl

Song No.1 says it all: there is nothing to give away. To no one. As brutal as Mike Tyson put down his poor enemys after the first bell rang, as hard blast the tunes of those australians out of the
speakers: "the time for talking is over!". Aggressive Punk in the heavyweight division. The knockout is all that matters, not outpointing!
The guys from Sydney proceed on "Know the Code" with where they stopped on the record before ("A Bottle of Rock N'Roll"): angry Hardcore-Rock N'Roll - here, in my opinion the term "Streetcore" fits better than to any other Band of this planet. The sound of THE CORPS includes styles of AC/DC and ROSE TATTOO (would be crazy if not), NASHVILLE PUSSY and MOTÖRHEAD as well as SICK OF IT ALL and BLOOD FOR BLOOD. But this time the portion of AC/DC got a little bigger...fantastic! Still all of it is carried by the barking but not screaming chant of frontman Alex. Songs for outsiders (or those who try to be) made by outsiders.

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Nr. Titel Länge  
1 Talk is over 00:03:35
2 Fortune 00:04:09
3 Bad men 00:02:41
4 Wolf man 00:02:25
5 Know the code 00:03:59
6 Draw the line 00:02:53
7 Bad to worse 00:03:23
8 Angry young man 00:03:09
9 The chase 00:03:24
Gesamtlänge: 00:29:38  

oiofamerica - oiofamerica.blogspot
Longshot Music / Contra Records
12" Vinyl

Track Listing:

A1 Talk Is Over
A2 Fortune
A3 Bad Men
A4 Wolfman
B1 Know The Code
B2 Draw The Line
B3 Bad And Worse
B4 Angry Young Man
B5 The Chase

Let me tell you a story. I drive a lot and I listen to a shit load of music in my car. I work in a warehouse I also listen to a ton of music while at work. From time to time I go to the gym ( Not enough) and I listen to music there. At home were I share space with the most amazing woman in the world the love of my life not so much Oi! and hardcore. My car, work and the gym all have one thing in common They do not have a fucking record player!!! You ask what this has to do with this review. Everything I tell you everything. I have one record player and it is located in my house. So when I want to listen to a album it happens everywhere but my home usually. So that is the issue in this day and age with the renewed interest in vinyl why the fuck would a record company not put a download code in with the record. Fuck if I know. So I have had this album for a while and it is so good I wanted to listen to in my car at the gym and at work but could not due to the lack of having it digital. So I searched the Internet for a rip of it nothing... I was like fuck it I will buy it again from I tunes ( All of you that read this page know how much I hate paying for a record twice so I can listen to it were I want!) guess what? Not the fuck on I tunes... So I got pissed and moved my computer down to my basement were my record player lives in my Oi cave. Just so I can listen to this kick as record and review it. One final thing before we get on with the review. A big fuck you to record labels and bands that do not put download codes in your vinyl records. Fuck you for being greedy, fuck you for thinking for minute that money grows on trees and that people like buying the same record twice, and fuck you, for me having to move my house around so I can listen to the new Corps record and review it.

Talk is Over starts this album off and it does it in grand rock fashion. This Aussie rock & oi band thunder with attitude and talent. The attitude is all over this track with a warning to shit talkers and braggarts the talent kicks off on this track and all nine tracks. The talent to bring Aussie rock Ala: Rose Tattoo, AC/DC and such together with the hard as nails sound of bands like Combat 84 and the Bruisers. Also the guitar solo is awesome on this track.
Songs like Fortune show you how important good lyrics and phrasing are to a song.
"Those who tried and who failed Escaped with the dignity. That is the force that will always prevail. To divide the strong from the weak." I love this line from the chorus of this song and it speaks to me personally. It runs through my head when i want to quit or give up. I think of this line when life is tough. It sounds like what my father would say to me and he was a wise man.

Wolfman is awesome plan and simple the heavy drive of the guitar the unrelenting rhythm section. The dark metaphors of bad behavior exposed from drinking shouted and growled out in a honest bark from the singer Alex. Sharp and to the point this track hit me, cleaned my clock and kept me coming back for more.

The title track Know The Code is one of my top ten tracks for 2013 ( I know this came out in 2012 but I did not get it tell this year). For all of you fashion skins and loud mouth poseurs this line sums it all up
" Well he knows the code but he don't need a scene and he does whatever he suits. Well he knows the code but he ain't a machine and today it's too hot for boots" . The music is full of power but the true star is Alex and his amazing vocals. He has a great gift for telling a story and make it feel like he took it straight from your mind and heart. That my friend is a gift.
Bad To Worse brings all that Rock swagger that I love. With a power house gang chant chorus that takes it over the top. This tale of a night out when you are anti social and liquored up. Only bad shit is going to happen let me tell you. This track like this record is right on point.

hands down the best album The Corps has put out. Every track I mean every track brings it. Lyrically musically with heart and emotion. Do not take my word for it buy this record and find out for yourself.

5 out 5 Oi!'s
For fans of Rose Tattoo, T.H.U.G., Plan Of Attack, RUST, Brass Tacks, Aces & Eights, Murderers Row and The Bruisers
Backstreet Battalion Skinzine - www.backstreetbattalion.com
10 / 10 points

The Corps - Know the Code

Contra Records/Longshot Music - LP -

Fourth album of this Australian streetpunk tank is called Know the Code and you will find 9 songs there. Two of them (Know the Code and Talk is Over) you may know from fourth split with TOFC, Razorblade and Booze and Glory called Oi! Ain´t Dead! Which was released on Rebellion Records. This album was released just on LP (till know) which is good because you can´t download it from the internet yet (500 copies, three colors). The Corps keep on rocking in five piece line p which is cool because their music is based on two guitars and it is still the same explosive mixture of streetpunk with great vocals and Aussi hard rock (which is inspiration for almost all streetpunk bands from Australia. LP is opened by the great song Talk is Over with great slide guitar at the beginning and vocals which take your breath out. Song is about bar brawl which started when someone is rude. Next song is called Fortune and it si about the fact that fortune favours the brave and it is great rock song with great solo guitar. Other songs on side A are Bad Man – again rock song about the bunch of hoolies who are coming to your town and Wolfman about werevolves with great vocals of the singer in high tunes at the beginning. Side B is opened with song called Know the Code about self-made people who doesn´t want to be part of the scene (I hope I understand it clearly). Next come Draw the Line about the people who are doing nothing and that´s why they didn´t make anything worse, then Bad to Worse about the situation when you have many beers or shots during the evening and then you are acting like missile without control, then Angry Young Man is about older but still angry guys who are playing the same hard and heavy music as when they were young so they are still young and angry in their heart and the last one called The Chase about the night birds which are affected by night and nightlife. Inside the cover is paper with lyrics. The Corps proved again that they belong to the top bands of nowadays with their own sound which is influenced by bands like Rose Tattoo, Angels or AC/DC and I have to give them full points. When I was making review on Marching Orders new album I didn´t do that but now I have to because I like the new sound more. For the people with record player this is a really must have album!
American Oi! Blog - www.american-oi.com
The Corps is beast! There was a time that this band from Down Under didn’t impress me much, but ever since the “Oi! Ain’t Dead” 4-way split on Rebellion Records came out last year I can’t stop listening to these maniacs. So after hearing that split buying “Know The Code” was pretty much a no-brainer for me.

The Corps aren’t your typical Oi! band though the sound is heavy, the vocals are mean as fuck and the pissed-off lyrics make you think twice before you even think about fuckin’ around with these guys! Musicly The Corps still take that 80’s British Oi! sound from bands such as Condemned 84 and Close Shave, mix it with that hardrockin’ sound of their fellow countrymen Rose Tattoo, give it their own twist and manage to deliver a sound that’s quite unique, even with this fourth full-length!
“Know The Code” holds 9 tracks of Australian fury and with songs such as “Talk Is Over”, “Bad Men”, “Know The Code”, “Draw The Line” and “Angry Young Man” this is without a doubt their most brutal, aggressive and powerful record to date! A definite must-have for anyone who’s into angry and violent music!!!

"Know The Code" is out for a few months now, and you would be a fool not to pick this gem up. The Australian scene is rising up again and Marching Orders belong to the top of this scene, or any scene for that matter. Superb!


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