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Wir arbeiten mit umweltfreundlichen Plastisolfarben und energiesparenden Bandtrocknern von Schnell Industries.
Cat.#: CR182
Release: 2015-08
Band: Booze & Glory
Cat.#: CR170
Release: 2015-07
Band: the Upset
Cat.#: CR179
Release: 2015-06
Grade2/ Saints & Sinners  - DIE WITH OUR BOOTS ON Split 7"
Band: Grade2/ Saints & Sinners
Cat.#: CR175
Release: 2015-05
Marching Orders - Last Drinks
Band: Marching Orders
Titel: Last Drinks
Cat.#: CR155
Release: 2015-04
Suede Razors - Passion On the Pitch
Band: Suede Razors
Titel: Passion On the Pitch
Cat.#: CR
Release: 2015-03
Suburbs, the - The Good Times Are Gone
Band: Suburbs, the
Titel: The Good Times Are Gone
Cat.#: CR163
Release: 2015-03
Seaside Rebels - Changing Times
Band: Seaside Rebels
Titel: Changing Times
Cat.#: CR168
Release: 2015-03
Lions Law - Open Your Eyes
Band: Lions Law
Titel: Open Your Eyes
Cat.#: CR169
Release: 2015-02
Lenny Lashley's Gang Of One - Live Like Lions
Band: Lenny Lashley's Gang Of One
Titel: Live Like Lions
Cat.#: CR173
Release: 2015-02
45 Adapters - Patriots Not Fools
Band: 45 Adapters
Titel: Patriots Not Fools
Cat.#: CR164
Release: 2015-01
Crown Court - Trouble from London
Band: Crown Court
Titel: Trouble from London
Cat.#: CR166
Release: 2015-01
Faz Waltz - Move Over
Band: Faz Waltz
Titel: Move Over
Cat.#: CR161
Release: 2014-12
Massilia Attack - Bonne Mére
Band: Massilia Attack
Titel: Bonne Mére
Cat.#: CR171
Release: 2014-12
On The Job - White Collar Thugs
Band: On The Job
Titel: White Collar Thugs
Cat.#: CR159
Release: 2014-12
Topnovil - Blast The Stereo
Band: Topnovil
Titel: Blast The Stereo
Cat.#: CR156
Release: 2014-10
Strongbow - Chained
Band: Strongbow
Titel: Chained
Cat.#: CR162
Release: 2014-10
Those Unknown - Contribution
Band: Those Unknown
Titel: Contribution
Cat.#: CR148
Release: 2014-10
Bad Co.Project  - Mission Mohawk
Band: Bad Co.Project
Titel: Mission Mohawk
Cat.#: CR142
Release: 2014-08
Oldfashioned Ideas - High Society - for the europaen working class
Band: Oldfashioned Ideas - High Society
Titel: for the europaen working class
Cat.#: CR154
Release: 2014-08
Broken Heroes - The Guvnors - Keep on Drinkin´
Band: Broken Heroes - The Guvnors
Titel: Keep on Drinkin´
Cat.#: CR128
Release: 2014-07
Razors In The Night - Never Give In!
Band: Razors In The Night
Titel: Never Give In!
Cat.#: CR141
Release: 2014-06
Grade 2 - Broken Youth
Band: Grade 2
Titel: Broken Youth
Cat.#: CR153
Release: 2014-06
Projekt 9 - Storebror
Band: Projekt 9
Titel: Storebror
Cat.#: CR135
Release: 2014-06
Midnight Tattoo - True Sound of Punk
Band: Midnight Tattoo
Titel: True Sound of Punk
Cat.#: CR139
Release: 2014-05
Hateful - Reasons To Be Hateful
Band: Hateful
Titel: Reasons To Be Hateful
Cat.#: CR146
Release: 2014-04
Oldfashioned Ideas - Don´t believe a word they say
Band: Oldfashioned Ideas
Titel: Don´t believe a word they say
Cat.#: CR151
Release: 2014-04
Hawkins Thugs - My Own Path
Band: Hawkins Thugs
Titel: My Own Path
Cat.#: CR138
Release: 2014-04
Hounds and Harlots & Gimp Fist - Split EP
Band: Hounds and Harlots & Gimp Fist
Titel: Split EP
Cat.#: CR152
Release: 2014-02
Cheap Stuff - Skill Pills
Band: Cheap Stuff
Titel: Skill Pills
Cat.#: CR144
Release: 2014-02
Booze and Glory - BOOZE & GLORY - As Bold As Brass
Band: Booze and Glory
Titel: BOOZE & GLORY - As Bold As Brass
Cat.#: CR149
Release: 2014-02
Giuda - Teenage Rebel
Band: Giuda
Titel: Teenage Rebel
Cat.#: CR142
Release: 2014-01
Grumpy Old Men  - Pubrock
Band: Grumpy Old Men
Titel: Pubrock
Cat.#: CR150
Release: 2014-01
Lions Law - A Day Will Come
Band: Lions Law
Titel: A Day Will Come
Cat.#: CR140
Release: 2013-11
Scab Coma - same
Band: Scab Coma
Titel: same
Cat.#: CR125
Release: 2013-11
Funeral Dress - Back on the Streets
Band: Funeral Dress
Titel: Back on the Streets
Cat.#: CR133
Release: 2013-11
Titel: Sinequan Dreams
Cat.#: CR145
Release: 2013-10
Lions Law & F.A.V.L. - Ant Viam Inveniam Ant Faciam
Band: Lions Law & F.A.V.L.
Titel: Ant Viam Inveniam Ant Faciam
Cat.#: CR136
Release: 2013-09
Hateful - Soundtrack for a Sinner
Band: Hateful
Titel: Soundtrack for a Sinner
Cat.#: CR134
Release: 2013-07
Band: Bootboys
Cat.#: CR131
Release: 2013-07
Slick 46 - same
Band: Slick 46
Titel: same
Cat.#: CR127
Release: 2013-06
Pennycocks - Devils Kids & Gypsies
Band: Pennycocks
Titel: Devils Kids & Gypsies
Cat.#: CR 132
Release: 2013-06
Stranglehold - same
Band: Stranglehold
Titel: same
Cat.#: CR 129
Release: 2013-05
45 Adapters - Dress Well, Drink Heavily
Band: 45 Adapters
Titel: Dress Well, Drink Heavily
Cat.#: CR126
Release: 2013-04
The Champions Inc. - Man in the Moon
Band: The Champions Inc.
Titel: Man in the Moon
Cat.#: CR123
Release: 2013-04
Subculture - Blood & Dust
Band: Subculture
Titel: Blood & Dust
Cat.#: CR124
Release: 2013-04
On The Job - Rock'n'Oi!
Band: On The Job
Titel: Rock'n'Oi!
Cat.#: CR041 new Layout on Vinyl
Release: 2013-04
Epic Problem - All Broken
Band: Epic Problem
Titel: All Broken
Cat.#: CR122
Release: 2013-02
Yellow Stitches - Good Times Violent Crimes
Band: Yellow Stitches
Titel: Good Times Violent Crimes
Cat.#: CR121
Release: 2013-02
Noi!se  - Rising Tide
Band: Noi!se
Titel: Rising Tide
Cat.#: CR112
Release: 2013-01
Marching Orders - Living Proof
Band: Marching Orders
Titel: Living Proof
Cat.#: CR118
Release: 2013-01
Lord James - same
Band: Lord James
Titel: same
Cat.#: CR117
Release: 2012-12
Black Marias & Oldfashioned Ideas - Split EP
Band: Black Marias & Oldfashioned Ideas
Titel: Split EP
Cat.#: CR108
Release: 2012-12
The Guv`nors - Scumbath
Band: The Guv`nors
Titel: Scumbath
Cat.#: CR115
Release: 2012-12
Sperrzone - Außer Konkurrenz
Band: Sperrzone
Titel: Außer Konkurrenz
Cat.#: CR113
Release: 2012-12
The Corps - Know the Code
Band: The Corps
Titel: Know the Code
Cat.#: CR101
Release: 2012-12
Booze and Glory & On the Job - Split EP
Band: Booze and Glory & On the Job
Titel: Split EP
Cat.#: CR 100
Release: 2012-11
On the Job & Jenny Woo - Split EP
Band: On the Job & Jenny Woo
Titel: Split EP
Cat.#: CR110
Release: 2012-11
Stomper 98 - Bis hier her
Band: Stomper 98
Titel: Bis hier her
Cat.#: CR109
Release: 2012-09
The Hard Targets - File Under Maximum R&B
Band: The Hard Targets
Titel: File Under Maximum R&B
Cat.#: CR 106
Release: 2012-09
Revolting Rival - Bad Times
Band: Revolting Rival
Titel: Bad Times
Cat.#: CR105
Release: 2012-08
45 Adapters - 45 ADAPTERS - Complete Works Vol.1
Band: 45 Adapters
Titel: 45 ADAPTERS - Complete Works Vol.1
Cat.#: CR0103
Release: 2012-07
Droogiez - Struggle for Existence
Band: Droogiez
Titel: Struggle for Existence
Cat.#: CR094
Release: 2012-07
Stranglehold - same
Band: Stranglehold
Titel: same
Cat.#: CR095
Release: 2012-06
Hounds and Harlots - The Good Fight
Band: Hounds and Harlots
Titel: The Good Fight
Cat.#: CR104
Release: 2012-06
Epic Problem - same
Band: Epic Problem
Titel: same
Cat.#: CR098
Release: 2012-05
Strongbow & Dog Company - Split
Band: Strongbow & Dog Company
Titel: Split
Cat.#: CR096
Release: 2012-05
High Society - Burning Streets
Band: High Society
Titel: Burning Streets
Cat.#: CR102
Release: 2012-05
Harrington Saints - Pride and Tradition
Band: Harrington Saints
Titel: Pride and Tradition
Cat.#: CR092
Release: 2012-05
Pennycocks - Do it Cock
Band: Pennycocks
Titel: Do it Cock
Cat.#: CR093
Release: 2012-04
Marching Orders - Songs of Yesterday
Band: Marching Orders
Titel: Songs of Yesterday
Cat.#: CR099
Release: 2012-04
Punkroiber - Prepare to Revolt
Band: Punkroiber
Titel: Prepare to Revolt
Cat.#: CR091
Release: 2012-04
Prowler - On The Prowl
Band: Prowler
Titel: On The Prowl
Cat.#: CR085
Release: 2012-04
Giuda - Number10
Band: Giuda
Titel: Number10
Cat.#: CR090
Release: 2012-04
Titel: Split LP
Cat.#: CR089
Release: 2012-03
Gumbles - Generation 21
Band: Gumbles
Titel: Generation 21
Cat.#: CR088
Release: 2012-02
Secret Army - Crush the Remains
Band: Secret Army
Titel: Crush the Remains
Cat.#: CR087
Release: 2012-01
Split 7"EP - a better TOMORROW
Band: Split 7"EP
Titel: a better TOMORROW
Cat.#: CR083
Release: 2012-01
OXO 86/Mona Reloaded - Stories of Suburbia
Band: OXO 86/Mona Reloaded
Titel: Stories of Suburbia
Cat.#: CR086
Release: 2011-12
Droogiez & Lazy Bastards - split EP
Band: Droogiez & Lazy Bastards
Titel: split EP
Cat.#: CR084
Release: 2011-12
Various - 30 YEARS OF Oi! ...Never Surrender...
Band: Various
Titel: 30 YEARS OF Oi! ...Never Surrender...
Cat.#: CR069
Release: 2011-12
Cheap Stuff - Victims of Cheap Stuff
Band: Cheap Stuff
Titel: Victims of Cheap Stuff
Cat.#: CR082
Release: 2011-09
Booze & Glory - Trouble Free
Band: Booze & Glory
Titel: Trouble Free
Cat.#: CR080
Release: 2011-08
Bovver Boys - You won`t fool us now
Band: Bovver Boys
Titel: You won`t fool us now
Cat.#: CR079
Release: 2011-06
Johnny Wolga - Punk`s not Back
Band: Johnny Wolga
Titel: Punk`s not Back
Cat.#: CR081
Release: 2011-05
Rum Runner - Same
Band: Rum Runner
Titel: Same
Cat.#: CR076
Release: 2011-05
On The Job - A Bag Full Of Brew
Band: On The Job
Titel: A Bag Full Of Brew
Cat.#: CR074
Release: 2011-05
Strongbow & Razors in the Night - Split
Band: Strongbow & Razors in the Night
Titel: Split
Cat.#: CR078
Release: 2011-05
Control - Punkrock ruined my life
Band: Control
Titel: Punkrock ruined my life
Cat.#: CR077
Release: 2011-05
Slick 46 - HURRY UP
Band: Slick 46
Cat.#: CR072
Release: 2011-04
Noise - This is who we are
Band: Noise
Titel: This is who we are
Cat.#: CR071
Release: 2011-04
Volxsturm - Ein kleines bisschen Wut
Band: Volxsturm
Titel: Ein kleines bisschen Wut
Cat.#: CR073
Release: 2011-04
Knucklehead - Hearts on Fire
Band: Knucklehead
Titel: Hearts on Fire
Cat.#: CR075
Release: 2011-04
Harrington Saints - Machine Guns & Molotovs
Band: Harrington Saints
Titel: Machine Guns & Molotovs
Cat.#: CR067
Release: 2011-02
The Ruckers - Take it or leave it
Band: The Ruckers
Titel: Take it or leave it
Cat.#: CR066
Release: 2011-01
Marching Orders - Nation of Ghosts
Band: Marching Orders
Titel: Nation of Ghosts
Cat.#: CR065
Release: 2011-01
Various - Contra & Longshot Labelsampler #3
Band: Various
Titel: Contra & Longshot Labelsampler #3
Cat.#: CR070
Release: 2010-12
Lousy / Eastside Boys - Companeros!
Band: Lousy / Eastside Boys
Titel: Companeros!
Cat.#: CR068
Release: 2010-11
Revilers & Bulldozer - Always Making Friends
Band: Revilers & Bulldozer
Titel: Always Making Friends
Cat.#: CR064
Release: 2010-10
Noise - Walk Beside Us
Band: Noise
Titel: Walk Beside Us
Cat.#: CR057
Release: 2010-10
Wayward Caines & The Strangers - Split
Band: Wayward Caines & The Strangers
Titel: Split
Cat.#: CR060
Release: 2010-09
Dog Company - A Bullet For Every Lie
Band: Dog Company
Titel: A Bullet For Every Lie
Cat.#: CR061
Release: 2010-09
Droogiez - Glorious Days
Band: Droogiez
Titel: Glorious Days
Cat.#: CR063
Release: 2010-08
Klasse Kriminale - The Rise and Fall of the Stylish Kids
Band: Klasse Kriminale
Titel: The Rise and Fall of the Stylish Kids
Cat.#: CR062
Release: 2010-07
The Broadsiders - Pressed To Kill
Band: The Broadsiders
Titel: Pressed To Kill
Cat.#: CR057
Release: 2010-07
XxxX DVD Festival - Total Oi!Festival DVD 2009
Band: XxxX DVD Festival
Titel: Total Oi!Festival DVD 2009
Cat.#: CR-DVD002
Release: 2010-06
45 Adapters - DTAWDD
Band: 45 Adapters
Cat.#: CR058
Release: 2010-05
On The Job & Stamford Bridge - split
Band: On The Job & Stamford Bridge
Titel: split
Cat.#: CR056
Release: 2010-05
Johnny Wolga - The Punk! Sessions!
Band: Johnny Wolga
Titel: The Punk! Sessions!
Cat.#: CR054
Release: 2010-04
Marching Orders - Days gone by
Band: Marching Orders
Titel: Days gone by
Cat.#: CR053
Release: 2010-03
Radau AG - Stempel drauf! (Vinyl)
Band: Radau AG
Titel: Stempel drauf! (Vinyl)
Cat.#: CR034LP
Release: 2010-02
Stomper 98 - 4 the die hards
Band: Stomper 98
Titel: 4 the die hards
Cat.#: CR052
Release: 2010-02
The Gonads - Glorious Bastards
Band: The Gonads
Titel: Glorious Bastards
Cat.#: CR049
Release: 2010-01
Produzenten der Froide - same
Band: Produzenten der Froide
Titel: same
Cat.#: CR048 EP
Release: 2009-12
Volxsturm / Harrington Saints - Split
Band: Volxsturm / Harrington Saints
Titel: Split
Cat.#: CR050
Release: 2009-12
Produzenten der Froide - Ready for Love
Band: Produzenten der Froide
Titel: Ready for Love
Cat.#: CR048
Release: 2009-12
Arthur and the Spooners - All Spooned Up
Band: Arthur and the Spooners
Titel: All Spooned Up
Cat.#: CR051
Release: 2009-12
Hateful - Killbowie road
Band: Hateful
Titel: Killbowie road
Cat.#: CR047
Release: 2009-12
Gumbles - Wild and Punk
Band: Gumbles
Titel: Wild and Punk
Cat.#: CR037
Release: 2009-12
45 Adapters - Not one more Day
Band: 45 Adapters
Titel: Not one more Day
Cat.#: CR046
Release: 2009-11
Band: The Guv'nors
Cat.#: CR042
Release: 2009-11
Various - Contra Labelsampler #2
Band: Various
Titel: Contra Labelsampler #2
Cat.#: CR045
Release: 2009-10
On the Job - Rock'n'Oi!
Band: On the Job
Titel: Rock'n'Oi!
Cat.#: CR041
Release: 2009-10
Razors in the Night  - Carry on!
Band: Razors in the Night
Titel: Carry on!
Cat.#: CR040
Release: 2009-10
Control - Hooligan Rock` n` Roll
Band: Control
Titel: Hooligan Rock` n` Roll
Cat.#: CR044
Release: 2009-10
Harrington Saints - Dead broke in the USA
Band: Harrington Saints
Titel: Dead broke in the USA
Cat.#: CR039
Release: 2009-10
Slick 46 - Young Love
Band: Slick 46
Titel: Young Love
Cat.#: CR043
Release: 2009-09
Strongbow - Corner Bar Poetry
Band: Strongbow
Titel: Corner Bar Poetry
Cat.#: CR035
Release: 2009-09
Testosteron - Erheb dein Glas
Band: Testosteron
Titel: Erheb dein Glas
Cat.#: CR033
Release: 2009-09
Bockwurschtbude - Ein Ende am Licht des Tunnels
Band: Bockwurschtbude
Titel: Ein Ende am Licht des Tunnels
Cat.#: CR027
Release: 2009-09
Marching Orders / Control - Stand your ground
Band: Marching Orders / Control
Titel: Stand your ground
Cat.#: CR038
Release: 2009-07
Radau AG - Stempel drauf!
Band: Radau AG
Titel: Stempel drauf!
Cat.#: CR034
Release: 2009-07
Highschool Nightmare - Nightmare high
Band: Highschool Nightmare
Titel: Nightmare high
Cat.#: CR032
Release: 2009-07
Harrington Saints - Bootstraps
Band: Harrington Saints
Titel: Bootstraps
Cat.#: CR036
Release: 2009-06
Gimp Fist - Your time has come
Band: Gimp Fist
Titel: Your time has come
Cat.#: CR031
Release: 2009-05
Secret Army - Redemption
Band: Secret Army
Titel: Redemption
Cat.#: CR029
Release: 2009-04
Volxsturm - Immer hart am Wind
Band: Volxsturm
Titel: Immer hart am Wind
Cat.#: CR026
Release: 2009-04
Dolly D. - Alles oder nichts
Band: Dolly D.
Titel: Alles oder nichts
Cat.#: CR030
Release: 2009-03
The Scarred/NoName - Split
Band: The Scarred/NoName
Titel: Split
Cat.#: CR028
Release: 2008-12
Dominator - Home sweet Home
Band: Dominator
Titel: Home sweet Home
Cat.#: CR023
Release: 2008-12
Label Sampler - Deutschrock sucks!
Band: Label Sampler
Titel: Deutschrock sucks!
Cat.#: CR022
Release: 2008-08
Secret Army - The Edge of Bravery
Band: Secret Army
Titel: The Edge of Bravery
Cat.#: CR021
Release: 2008-07
Love & Hate - There are no heroes out there
Band: Love & Hate
Titel: There are no heroes out there
Cat.#: CR015
Release: 2008-07
Bostaurus - Made in hellfire
Band: Bostaurus
Titel: Made in hellfire
Cat.#: CR020
Release: 2008-07
Guts 'n' Glory - Here to stay
Band: Guts 'n' Glory
Titel: Here to stay
Cat.#: CR024
Release: 2008-06
Gumbles - In altbewährter Manier
Band: Gumbles
Titel: In altbewährter Manier
Cat.#: CR018
Release: 2008-05
Bovver Boys - Tooled for trouble
Band: Bovver Boys
Titel: Tooled for trouble
Cat.#: CR025
Release: 2008-05
Combat 77 - 100% Oi!
Band: Combat 77
Titel: 100% Oi!
Cat.#: CR019
Release: 2008-04
Strongbow - A Dog called retinue
Band: Strongbow
Titel: A Dog called retinue
Cat.#: CR010
Release: 2008-03
Telekoma - Wirrwahr
Band: Telekoma
Titel: Wirrwahr
Cat.#: CR013
Release: 2008-01
Lion Shield - Against all odds!
Band: Lion Shield
Titel: Against all odds!
Cat.#: CR014
Release: 2008-01
Angry Youth - First attack
Band: Angry Youth
Titel: First attack
Cat.#: CR011
Release: 2008-01
Drunkenbois - Wir sind da
Band: Drunkenbois
Titel: Wir sind da
Cat.#: CR012
Release: 2007-12
The Ruckers - To the Lads & Ladies
Band: The Ruckers
Titel: To the Lads & Ladies
Cat.#: CR009
Release: 2007-11
Strongbow - Terminal life
Band: Strongbow
Titel: Terminal life
Cat.#: CR003
Release: 2007-10
SPLIT Div.Fichtengebirge - Highsociety - Split
Band: SPLIT Div.Fichtengebirge - Highsociety
Titel: Split
Cat.#: CR008
Release: 2007-08
Telekoma - Anfang oder Ende
Band: Telekoma
Titel: Anfang oder Ende
Cat.#: CR007
Release: 2007-06
Police Shit - Gegen Euch aus Prinzip
Band: Police Shit
Titel: Gegen Euch aus Prinzip
Cat.#: CR006
Release: 2007-03
Oderflut - Frei & Laut
Band: Oderflut
Titel: Frei & Laut
Cat.#: CR005
Release: 2007-03
Agent Krüger - Der Fuchs ist aus dem Bau
Band: Agent Krüger
Titel: Der Fuchs ist aus dem Bau
Cat.#: CR004
Release: 2007-03
Cheap Stuff - Live & Die in the Prison of Life
Band: Cheap Stuff
Titel: Live & Die in the Prison of Life
Cat.#: CR002
Release: 2006-09
Schlimme Brüder - R.A.P.
Band: Schlimme Brüder
Titel: R.A.P.
Cat.#: CR001
Release: 2006-05
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Skinhead & Punkattack from the Contra Headquarter 25.September 2013

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Die letzten News hier auf der Website datieren von kurz nach Ende der Kreidezeit, deshalb wird es wohl mal wieder nötig euch auch hier ein paar News um die Ohren zu hauen. Wie ihr vielleicht mitbekommen habt, hatten und haben wir unser Hauptaugenmerk sehr auf die täglichen Neuigkeiten bei Facebook gelegt. Ob das nun gut oder schlecht ist sei mal dahin gestellt, auf jeden Fall ist es immer brandaktuell und im Idealfall bekommt man dadurch auch direktes Feedback von euch. Was denkt ihr? Regelmäßige Contra News in Form dieser "Corner" oder lieber aktuell und aller furzlang auf Facebook?,Eure Meinung interessiert uns brennend!

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