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Wrong Answer - The Wrong Way 7'EP (+ Downloadcode) 8,90 EUR
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Wrong Answer - The Wrong Way 7'EP (+ Downloadcode)

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Wrong Answer formed in late 2006 as a typical side project/show opener band. They played teen centers, basements and birthday parties, did typical covers and existed for little purpose other than to motivate their friends to mosh and say some curse words into the mic. After taking all of 2008 off while Justin did Let Down shit, they bounced back in 2009 and made "The Wrong Way" EP, originally self-released as a tape in super limited quantities. This release is a culmination of the first three years of Wrong Answer's existence, the songs and parts that were worth keeping, all formed together in a somewhat cohesive record and wrapped up with a ton of samples in the grand tradition of the Killer Fiction demo and a mid-late 90s Wu-Tang solo LP. Equal parts Ringworm, Right Brigade and Ramallah, Wrong Answer's sound was born here, thus making this EP the true origin of the naughty youth crew (an appropriate subtitle to the title track would be "the naughty youth crew stomp) - whatever the fuck that even means. At the time of recording, the band was very satisfied with this effort and is proud to present it to you now for the first time ever on vinyl. Consider this the prequel to 2010's tumblr-acclaimed "The World Is Empty" EP.1. Struggler
2. The Tombs
3. RIP
4. Reprobate
5. Open Fire/The Wrong Way

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