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Ricky C Quartet, The - Same MLP 10,90 EUR
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Art.Nr.: 13314
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Ricky C Quartet, The - Same MLP

Zitat Label:
8 new ´77 punkrock blasts from london!
"Grease up your hair with a double dose of cheap soap and rip off the sleeves from your SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS Shirt as the latest Londinium Snotrock-Quartet already prewarmed your seats at the bar of the Roxy Club to witness them sacrificing a bloody pig´s head on stage like the infamous EATER used to do and gobbing beer at the audience before preparing for the final surf on the wave of Aussie-Punk gods RADIO BIRDMAN and FUN THINGS.
After the Debut 7” of these, via JOHNNY THROTTLE, BLOWOUTS and the TEN O SEVENS already pertinently previously convicted, rowdy cohorts did already explode in your pimpled face like a load of TNT, this glorious sequel is coming just right in time to be the perfect soundtrack for the last ride on the fireball of excess and Up & Down-A-Go-Go. " (Dirk Le Buzz)

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Diesen Artikel haben wir am Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.