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Vanilla Muffins - Gimme some sugar Oi! Digipack-CD (lim 300) 11,90 EUR
incl. 19 % UST exkl.
Art.Nr.: 15347
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Vanilla Muffins - Gimme some sugar Oi! Digipack-CD (lim 300)

comes handnumbered to 300 copies
Label qoute
VANILLA MUFFINS’ superb album “GIMME SOME SUGAR Oi!” will finally be available again for the first time since 1999!
Officially licensed by Knock-Out Records, timeless ‘Sugar Oi!’ classics such as
“Mommy’s Wonderful”, “Saturday”, “Mommy, How Can We Stay Young” and the ultimate FC Basel anthem “Blue Red Forever” are reissued on CD!
An absolute must-have!


01. Gimme Some Sugar Oi!
02. Mommy’s Wonderful
03. We Are The City Boys
04. Mommy It’s Me!
05. Saturday
06. Beauty And The Beast
07. Mommy, How Can We Stay Young
08. Uncle Criminal
09. Blue Red Forever
10. I Can’t Hear You
11. Mike Tyson
12. Hands Off Our Liberty
13. Switzerland

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