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THE DOG-The Devil Comes At Night 12"LP lim.350 Black 12,90 EUR
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THE DOG-The Devil Comes At Night 12
THE DOG-The Devil Comes At Night 12

Debut album of THE DOG from Wroclaw, Poland. Containing 15 songs inspired by fast, aggresive hardcore bands like Negative Approach, D.R.I, Spazz, Trash Talk.
Withy dark, gloomy lyrics that will make you sad. Great follow up to their two full 7''s.

Trackliste Ausblenden Mitwirkende

A1 Feed The Worms With Their Guts
A2 Pathetic Motherfuckers
A3 The Will Of Religion
A4 The Constant Factor
A5 Cult Of Nothing
A6 Mob
A7 Stupid Assholes
A8 Immitation Of Man
A9 Kid
B1 Hannibal At Your Ceiling
B2 I Am Not The Man I Think I Am
B3 The Devil Comes At Night
B4 I Could Have Done It Better
B5 Sculpture Of Mars
B6 I Skip The Evening Prayer

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