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Cyanide Pills - Sliced And Diced 12"LP lim. 700 Pink 16,90 EUR
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Cyanide Pills - Sliced And Diced  12
Cyanide Pills - Sliced And Diced  12
Cyanide Pills - Sliced And Diced  12

laybel qoute:

Fact #1 - Cyanide Pills are a brilliant live band. Anyone who has seen them at Rebellion Festival or on one of their jaunts around Europe will agree.
Fact #2 – They write great songs.

Fact #3 – Their third LP Sliced and Diced is due out in March. It has 18 songs on it. (See Fact #2)

Keeping the spirit of '78 alive, the band's mix of punk blasts and melodic power-pop has never sounded better. With razor-sharp twin guitars, a pounding rhythm section and un-matched lyrical barbs,

Sliced and Diced is one of the best albums you'll hear all year. It's everything you love about the band.

Since the last LP (2013's Still Bored), the band have gigged alongside some of the biggest names in punk including Buzzcocks, UK Subs, Johnny Moped, The Lurkers and many more.

Cyanide Pills will be touring Europe in March and also play Rebellion Festival in Blackpool this August.

Like the previous album, Sliced and Diced was recorded at The Billiard Room in Leeds by Wedding Present producer Carl Rosamond.


A1 I Don't Remember 2:13
A2 Stop And Search 2:05
A3 Still Bored 1:26
A4 Earthlings 2:14
A5 Laid-Off 1:43
A6 Big Mistake 1:59
A7 Alone Tonight 2:45
A8 Government 2:34
A9 One Of The Boys 2:28
B1 Razorblade 1:52
B2 No Strings Attached 2:02
B3 Say You Will 2:37
B4 Cut Me Loose 2:08
B5 Took Too Much 2:46
B6 Under The Knife 2:12
B7 Pre-Emptive Strike 1:52
B8 In The Back Of A Car 1:28
B9 Waiting (For You To Call Me) 2:33

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