45 Adapters-Dress Well,Drink Heavily 7"EP 3rd press lim.250wh/ox

incl Download and Lyric Sheet

3rd Press of this longer time sold out must have for every sould loving Oi! fanatic!
If you lived under a stone this is your second chance to get one of our most fave Releases back again on new arranged stunning colored vinyl strictly limited to 250 each Version (EU/US).
"45 ADAPTERS is also a band that looks as good as they sound, hence the new EP 'Dress Well, Drink Heavily'. This EP includes 3 brand new songs which continue to pay homage to their skinhead roots and celebrate the lifestyle and good times associated with this classic subculture!!

A Dress Well, Drink Heavily
B1 Who Are We Kidding?
B2 Fred Perry Fanatic

250x White/Blue Domestos style Spl. (US Version)
250x White Oxblood Domestos style Spl. (EU Version)

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Hersteller Contra Records
Genre Oi!/Punk
Vinylcolour splatter
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