ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Bootlegs and Rareties - LP Black

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This Angelic Upstarts release was originally released on Dojo Records back in 1985 and re-issued on Razor Records in 1988 and now it's been re-issued for the first time since by Teenage Warning Records in 2015 as a limited edition to 500 release. Includes an insert poster of the band.

Kids On The Street   
Stick's Diary   
Last Night Another Soldier   
Police Oppresion   
I'm An Upstart   
Student Power   
Teenage Warning   
(Who Killed) Liddle Towers   
We Are The People   
Tommy, Never Again   
Box On   
Solidarity (Polish Folk Song)   
The Tut Tut Shuffle   
Gonna Be A Star
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