ASHTONES-Let us be the legends you think we are 12"LP

Vinyl suits them better! I wish I could say this about any other rock band that releases an album nowadays. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that polished sounds and perfect (boring) productions don’t deserve the vinyl format.
Here, you can’t go wrong: Simple black vinyl, black and white pictures of members wearing HANOÏ ROCKS, LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH, CRAMPS and TURBONEGRO shirts on both front and back covers, and 10 songs keeping the rawest, wildest punk rock’n’roll spirit alive. Names such as The DEAD BOYS, The STOOGES or The DAMNED come to mind while listening to this album, the smell and sound of late 70s rock’n’roll dirt can be found in songs like “Harlot Trick”, “Hobo Of Loboten”, “They Drowned Billy Doll” ; and some rather poisonous choruses (“Waiting For The Century Drug”, “Holy Ride”…) make sure you will sing along when you see the band live.
The ASHTONES also offer us a cover of TURBONEGRO‘s “Rendez-vous With Anus” that perfectly fits on the album, and you’ll even get some cool 60s garage rock guitars on “Legend, You Think I Am”, a song that leaves you wanting more, but these guys know that you don’t need more than 10 songs on a rock’n’roll record.
Let them be legends, right! But most importantly, let them rock and roll!/Laurent C.


A1 Harlot Trick
A2 Waiting For Century Drug
A3 Torpedo
A4 They Drowned Billy Doll
A5 Hobo Of Lofton
B1 Desolation Freak
B2 Chelsea Horror
B3 Holy Ride
B4 Rendez-Vous With Anus
B5 Legend, You Think I Am
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