Booze&Glory-ChapterIV 12"LP lim.300 Oxblood(CONTRA RECORDS excl)

As we share a long lasting friendship with Booze&Glory we are happy to provide you together with Burning Heart Records this limited extra Vinyl Color exclusive Worldwide via CONTRA RECORDS!

label qoute:

Together with bands as Bishops Green, Lion’s Law and Perkele, the London based  BOOZE & GLORY is there – has really started to take a streetpunk into the new age. Made  it vivid and strong again.  

The Leaders of the pack BOOZE & GLORY has through a couple of albums, great shows  and songwriting started to become the quickest growing band in the new scene.

With the release of the new album, and support and release from a reamped Burning Heart  Records, the next bunch of years will see the band travel  many new roads, as now for the  first time the band is gonna tour hard and coordinated all over the world.

Consisting of members from UK (Liam - UK/irish) Mark Poland, Bubbles Greece and a new  Italian drummer Frank (who replaced the bands previous swedish drummer) this very  international multi-passport London-based band stand out as the perfect example how a once  UK only movement has grown into a worldwide monster. Streetpunk or oi or whatever to  call it, is spreading it’s wings again as BOOZE & GLORY and a new generation of band are  now kicking it with fresh reamped energy, and delivering it on pair with the first UK  generation of the ’here-comes-the-new-punk bands’ of the early 80’s. It’s angry, it’s  heartfelt, it is positive non-political music that unites and carry on. A band, an album, a  powerhouse ready to meet a bigger audience from all corners of the punk spectrum.Burning Heart

1. Days, Months & Years
2. No Rules
3. The Time Is Now
4. Life’s A Gamble
5. Simple
6. Back On Track
7. Fool’s Paradise
8. Violence And Fear
9. Last Journey
10. For The Better Times
11. Start Believing

complete Pressinfo coming soon:
White Vinyl only available through the Band and Burning Heart Records

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