Brutal Bravo - Hate The Kids, the singles collection 12"LP yellow marble

Black vinyl with black Innersleeve!

The ultimate singles collection on 12” Vinyl.

Includes all 7”, The Lads split + 4 unreleased Songs and a Bonus!
Brutal Bravo from Freiburg can be doubtless named as one of the most influential Bands in Oi! from Germany during the last decade.
Nonetheless their discography is short and since all stuff sold immediately it's only fair to their legacy to release all on 12” Vinyl including unreleased songs and a Live Bonus paying tribute to Raybo (Bonecrusher).

A1 I Hate The Kids
A2 Paying The Bill
A3 I Don't Like You
A4 Love Song
A5 The Last One Of Your Kind
A6 I Drink Alone
A7 No Ballads In Oi!
B1 Brutal Bravo Über Alles
B2 Flick Knife Attitude
B3 Leftovers
B4 Boredom
B5 Back on Attack
B6 Cut The Crap
B7 Dead Locked
B8 Saint George Boot Boys
B9 Warning You (Bonecrusher) Live @Pogorausch Dresden 2022

press info:
500 x black with black Innersleeve
500 x Yellow marble with yellow Innersleeve
45 x black with screen printed Cover
10 x Yellow marble with screen printed Cover
20 x testpress with dark red screen printed Cover

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