Burden ,The - Canonized 12”LP black white swirl

" A lot of hardcore bands talk about how tough and scary they are, but The Burden talks about how tough and scary life is."
Denniz Polk

Take some good old Death Metal as it does Punk and some old fashioned Hardcore.
Singer Ryan (Liberty & Justice, Thrash Magz, etc.) spits out pure honesty and realness lyrically that remains unrivaled except with help on the Track "Lover's Rock"
by DWID HELLION from Integrity!
Bands History dates back to 2007 when the Houston heavy-hitters started the Band.
Who hit the ground running with a demo and three EPs before a short-notice break-up came.
Fast forward in 2021 they picked right up where they left the Stage and returned now with this record.
Artwork comes fully arranged by Houston Street Artist GIVE UP.

A1 intro
A2 The drag
A3 Lovers rock
A4 Depressed breath
B1 death
B2 Dying
B3 777 + Outro

press info:
280 x black white swirl
50 x black white swirl with Screenprint cover
22 x Testpress with Screenprint cover

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Hersteller Subculture for Life
Genre HC-Punk/Hardcore
Vinylcolour marbled
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