Bystander - s/t 7"EP

Heartfelt, melodic, aggressive, introspective and honest to a fault. Simply – HARDCORE.
Featuring Greg Bennick of TRIAL and current and former members of Spirits, Test of Time, and Decline, Bystander has their sights set on becoming a positive force of change in the hardcore scene.

A1 Bystander 2:36
A2 Let It Go 1:30
A3 How Far Have We Come 2:25
B1 Right Now Is The Time 1:06
B2 Somewhere To Call Our Own 2:39

full press info:
US pressing on Safe Inside Records, 2018:
100 on yellow vinyl (Revelation Records Exclusive)
150 on baby blue vinyl
250 on milky clear vinyl with pink splatter
18 (?) test pressing with different cover

European pressing on Goodwill Records, September 2018:
300 on black vinyl
102 on blue vinyl
14 test pressing with different cover

50 black vinyl, numbered, European Tour Summer 2019
50 clear w. pink splatter, Fluff Fest 2019

50 golden
50 red
40 yellow (Kick Out The Jams), handnumbered

Artikelnummer 17285
Versandgewicht 0,2 kg
Lieferzeit 3-4 Tage / days*
Hersteller Goodwill Records
Genre HC-Punk/Hardcore
Vinylcolour schwarz
7,90 €
Inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten

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Lieferzeit: 3-4 Tage / days*

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