Cataphiles - s/t 12"LP

The melancholic song Cataphiles harks back to The Cure at the beginning of their pop phase in the mid-80s.
A River pays tribute to early Californian death rock à la Voodoo Church.
Rubbish Kids and Days of Despair forge a link to the current Goth Punk like Christ vs Warhol or Pawns.
Furthermore, there are recurring elements of classic English goth rock and post-punk.
This broad spectrum is one of the strengths of the album.
The band brings the dark flair of the 80s into the modern age without sounding antiquated creating their very own style.
The lyrics are empowering and encourage us to think about things, such as friendship with our own inner emptiness, about the punk in our hearts or unknown worlds under our feet.

A1 Ascent
A2 Flowers Of Time
A3 Rubbish Kids
A4 Feeling Empty
A5 Silenced
B1 A River
B2 Where To Hide
B3 Set The Barricades Alight
B4 Days Of Despair
B5 Cataphiles

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