Chartbusters - 2 Riffs, 3 Chords, Up Yours! 12"LP

Eighties punk and Oi! influenced band from Portland, Oregon, USA. Formed at the tail-end of 2012, featuring ex members of Poison Idea, The Escaped, Control, Beerzone and 86ers. The band recorded a 15 song, self released demo cd in 2015, in which 2 of those songs found their way onto a Sunny Bastards vinyl and cd compilation titled 'A Handful Of Oi!'.
Chartbusters newest album set for a 2019 release was produced by former Poison Idea drummer Steve 'Thee Slayer Hippy' Hanford. The latest and soon to be released record also includes a Poison Idea cover featuring back and forth vocals between Jerry A and Tony Boardwalk.

A1 Raise Your Voice
A2 Here To Stay
A3 Reason To Hate
A4 Insane Youth
A5 Done Some Brain Cells Last Night
B1 Johnny Come Lately
B2 Ain't Gonna Listen
B3 City
B4 Think For Yourself
B5 Made To Be Broken

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