Cios ‎- "Emigrants" - Digipack CD lim. 100 hand numbered

One of the promising and active bands in Oi!'n Roll Music from Ukraine!
This is a special edition CD version, which has the full audio of the tracks and the original sound.
In addition, the entire discography of the band was released on this recording medium and it would be improperly to leave a gap.
There are 2 new songs and 2 covers of classics (on first Ukrainian Oi band The Rebel Boys and the legendary The Business)

1 Эмигранты = Emigrants 4:03
2 З Hами Iди = Come With Us 3:30
3 Массовый Диктат = Mass Dictate 4:45
4 Один Спiльний Голос = One Common Voice 2:20

Permcitypunk Records ‎– PCPR_005

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