Clinch, the - Basecamp 12"LP lim.200 black

2nd masterpiece from Melbourne´s Bootboys. Rough´n Tough Aussie Rock´n Oi/ Streetpunk anthems like a  lucky punch in your face and a great mixture of true aggression and melody! 11 powerful direct hits incl. Chariot, Treshold and the title track Basecamp

"Cos we go where you won´t go and we do what you won´t do!
I´ll be at your side in our fights, alone though the hell before the truth" (Treshold) 

If you ever meet these guys or listen to their hard to the bone sure that every fuckin word is not a cheapy attitude but the whole truth!
And that´s the simple but very effective secret of the Clinch and fascination in every song: They making REAL streetmusic, very powerful with stories and moments in a subcultural, working class life and the truely know what they are singing about!
This begins with the great artwork (yes they know the box ring from the inside!), goes up to "Blooded" and ends up with songs like "Atoms" a musical knock out and what it´s like to end a fight in that way. So be ready for "Basecamp" and check out the videoclips:


180gr. Vinyl come limited to 500 copies in different colors

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