Contra Records " the international Oi!/Streetpunk CD package" 2#

Includes 4 CD's by Contra Records for a decent price,only as long as in stock!

Secret Army - The edge of bravery CD

02-Shine forever
03-Memories of war *
04-Pending deed
05-Misty days
07-On my own
08-Won't back down
09-A mark in this world
10-New morning
11-Dead at 28
12-21th century

Marching Orders - Living Proof - lim.CD Digipack


01. Dog Eat Dog
02. Guilty By Suspicion
03. Living Proof
04. Callous World
05. Nothing To Lose
06. Hand Of Fate
07. Spirit Of ‘84*
08. Place Called Home
09. The Party’s Over
10. Rich Man
11. Songs Of Yesterday

SUBURBS - The Good Times Are Gone - CD Digipack

The Suburbs
Buy Your Image
Punks On The Catwalk
Riot Kid
Working Poor
Addicted To Oi!
Police On My Back
Generation Vodka
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Violence Down The Subway
Oi! Boys
Same Old Shit

Razorcut - Common Enemy Digipack-CD

Our Time Is Now
Tall Poppy Syndrome
The Old & The New
Where You Belong (Blame)
Common Enemy
My Hate For You
Set Me Free
We Are Not Defeated

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