CRIM - "Blau sang,Vermell cel" 12"LP

Numerous times sold out but now finaly again available on solid black Wax. Catalunyas finest with their second full length Album.
Comes with double sided printed Innersheet including all lyrcis in Catalan and English!

"Leatherface, Cock Sparrer, Social Distortion, Vanilla Muffins, Off With Their Heads and Red Alert...CRIM perfectly blends their love for heartfelt punk rock and boisterous Oi! music into a sound that is close to perfection!" (American Oi! Website)

A Side
1. Benvingut enemic
2. Una cançó i una promesa
3. Vaixells de paper
4. Verí caducat
5. Doncs brindem
6. No hi serem
7. Guionistes d’aquest món

B Side
8. Avui fa bon dia
9. Maneres de viure
10. Martells, reixes i altres invents de merda
11. Melodies per menors d’edat
12. Últim avís
13. Blau sang, vermell cel


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