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One of the most anticipated Oi! albums of this year is without a doubt the debut LP by London’s own Crown Court! The Park Lane Boys instantly impressed me with 2014’s demo-cassette “Trouble From London”, but really shook things up with the two EP’s that followed for Rebellion Records, namely “Ruck And Roll” and (especially) “The English Disease”! Earlier this year all three got combined on the “Trouble From London” CD, giving you a taste of what these lads would sound like for more than just three tracks in a row, but now it’s time for the real work with the band’s first full-length album; “Capital Offence”!


And these London troublemakers mean business! Because Crown Court instantly boots down the door with opening track “Sammy Skyves”, delivering pure dynamite straight from the get go, this is ‘no mess – no fuss – just pure impact’ 2.0! Everything by these lads, from the artwork to their sound, has the 80’s written all over it, but with their modern approach they’re hardly comparable to any of the bands that were active in Britain’s glory days of Oi! music. But therefor also hardly comparable to any of the bands that are currently active in Britain and beyond!


Due this, it is hardly a surprise that their previous releases got repressed for a second, or even a third time! Old or new, everyone wants a piece of the action, something that will be no different with “Capital Offence”! Including the aforementioned opener, Crown Court delivers a total of thirteen brand new, bootboy anthems on their debut LP. Ready to ruck, the top of the United Kingdom’s crop bursts out riotous powerhouses such as “Media Blackout”, “Hated But Rated”, “Brotherhood Of The Banned”, “Breakout” and “Attack”. But an album also offers some room to change gears a bit, resulting into the magnificent “Thames Sake” and the somewhat glam-ish “Shapes Of The Day”, the two longest songs on the LP.


The fact that Crown Court can be real picky about what songs end up on their releases (I heard rejected songs from previous releases), you know these guys are setting the bar extremely high for themselves, and so far, so good! Because the Londoners live up to the anticipation, delivering an album that can easily become one of the top picks of 2016! An absolute must-have!

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