Dalton - Deimalati - 12"LP+CD lim.300 2nd press

comes with Lyric sheet in Italian and in English and free CD!
after the huge success now as re-press
(we hold a few of the first press so better don't sleep on this)

HELLNATION Music Store brings you this more than unique Record from DALTON in Distribution of Contra Records
A well mix of Pubrock/Glam/Punk and a dose of classic Oi!-anthems straight from Roma!
Bootpower tunes combined with this taste of old Italian Sound that you like from DUAP/Pinta Facile/Nabat/Klaxon to the new heros like Giuda/Faz Waltz.....
After their huge succes with "Come stai" you will truly enjoy these brandnew tunes.

A Side
2. La dose fa il veleno
3. E se ci diramo (original version by Luigi Tenco)

B Side
4. Estate
5. Transmetropolitan (original version by The Pouges)
6. La vigna della morte
7. A cuor leggero


500x solid Black
200x solid White

260 x  dirty WHITE 2nd press
40 x white and Black SPLATTER 2nd press

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