DCOI ‎– When History Repeats...12"LP

Oakland punks DCOI combine a mix of US hardcore like BLACK FLAG / MINOR THREAT with 80's UK punk rock/oi! with their own dose of powerful attitude.

A1 W.S.F.T.R.Y. 1:22
A2 Crows 1:49
A3 Toilet Bowl Kickoff 0:50
A4 Black Hole 1:53
A5 Slogan//Slander 1:23
A6 Devastating Accuracy 1:17
A7 Beat That Wont End 0:39
A8 Hidden Untouchables 1:16
A9 The Elite 0:48
A10 Machines Will Feed 1:14
B1 1961-2011 1:05
B2 Fallen 1:13
B3 Prayer For The End 1:01
B4 Start A Family 1:31
B5 Faux Prophet For Profit 0:40
B6 Change Is A Myth 0:33
B7 Oppressions A Fact 0:48
B8 Oppressions A Fact II 1:01
B9 Feed A Crook 3:15
B10 Not Me 2:16

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