Falcata - The End Of An Era 12"LP lim. 50 with screen printed cover

"Falcata are back with ten gems of hard hittin' Oi! tracks.
Powerful, dark and rough but full of singalong and catching tunes.
Diehard music for the diehards !"
Damiano (Nutty Print / Timebomb Records)

Barbaric! Brutal! Pounding Drums to finsih the full savagery, tough as nails hymns with a touch of that rock 'n' roll rhythm.
This is Portugal Rock 'n' Oi! from Lisbon!

A1 Truth will thrive
A2 Bring it back
A3 Living in a fantasy
A4 Nervous breakdown
A5 Rape Culture
B6 A case of pride
B7 Surviving in the matrix
B8 Punk is dead
B9 Dark Times
B10 My world in pieces

press info:
270 x green swirl
50x with extra screen printed cover
15x testpress with screen print cover

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