Falcata ‎- "Viriathus" - 7"+Discography CD

Contains a CD with the complete work from the band.
Portoguese Powerhouse,Forged in Blood and with heavy steel 3 new Songs slaying on 7" + 10 on CD for your listening Pleasure.

A1 Kings And Queens
A2 Make It Count
B1 Viriathus
The Early Years Singles Collection
CD-1 On The Edge
CD-2 Modern Football
CD-3 Dark Times
CD-4 Barbarians Rising
CD-5 Mr. Know It All
CD-6 Forged In Blood
CD-7 Straight To Hell
CD-8 Kings And Queens
CD-9 Make It Count
CD-10 Viriathus

1-3 is taken from the Falcata 7"
4-6 is taken from the Forged In Blood 7"
7 is previously unreleased
8-10 is taken from the Viriathus 7".

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