Faz Waltz - Double Decker 12"LP lim. blue

The eagerly awaited new album from Faz Waltz has made its entrance into the world, reclaiming the best of the early 70s sounds for themselves that would get any dance floor packed. The 11 tracks including the recent single “Julie” are filled with the band’s trademark stomping tunes, taking inspiration from the music of the Glitter Band, Sweet, T-Rex and of course, Slade, Faz Waltz already have a reputation outside their Italian borders which seems to be increasing rapidly.

comes in co-production with:
Contra Records (EU)
Spaghetty Town (U.S.A.)
Gods Candy (CAN)


Side A

-Shakin' like an Hooligan


-Right On

-Oh Penny

-Come On and Squeeze Me

Side B

-Dancin' in my Shoes

-Sleepy Head


-Is This The Way

-Jive Jive

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