Fred and The Perrys "Non haberá perdón" 10"LP lim.400 Black

Fred and the Perrys carry out their debut EP in the early days of 2016. It was a release from the hand of the labels Common People Records (Catalunya) and Secret Bridge Tattoo (Galicia) and was called "Xa non hai xustiza" who received very good reviews and the copies were sold out in only 3 months! Soon after the Perrys shut theirselves in the record studio to register 7 new songs, which basically are the ones included in this 10". Numbers like "O futuro é nosso" wich start up the Mini Lp, and you can listen since a while on Youtube or "Non haberá perdón" which give the name to the album show us the intentions of the band. 7 tracks!

American Oi! review

Fred And The Perrys… it is true, the band name of these North-Western Spaniards still gives me a good chuckle every now and then, but musically these guys should be taken very seriously. They absolutely killed it last year with their debut EP “Xa Non Hai Xustiza”, so I don’t care if they call themselves Ben And The Shermans, Paul And The Sharks, Lyle And The Scotts or whatever, as long as they keep on releasing crackin’ tunes… and they did! “Non Haberá Perdón” is the latest release by Fred And The Perrys and this time around it are seven, instead of four, brand new tracks of hard hitting, Spanish Oi! music! Released on a 10” mini-album, the Galician’s didn’t just step their game up when it comes down to the size of their latest vinyl release, musically they are crushing shit and cracking skulls as well – as “Non Haberá Perdón” surpasses last year’s debut in every possible way. Now it helps that “Non Haberá Perdón” was released on, perhaps, both my favorite format (vinyl) and size (10”), but songs like “O Futuro É Noso”, “Antisocial”, “Baixo Control”, “Produto” and last, but certainly not least, title-track “Non Haberá Perdón” make Fred And The Perrys indeed sound stronger and bolder than ever before! Just listen to the chorus of the title-track (on the left) to understand what I mean, I just love that rockin’ guitar sound that is both raw and vicious, but extremely melodic at the same time – awesome! As always Common People Records did a great job, making sure you have a top notch product in your hand! Oh, and with the blue wax being limited to just 100 copies, I suggest you snatch one fast before they’re all gone. Just sayin’…

  1. O futuro é noso
  2. Antisocial
  3. Esta sociedade
  4. Non podo máis
  5. Baixo Control
  6. Produto
  7. Non haberá perdón
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