Funeral Dress - Way of Life 12"LP Clear And Green With Black Splatter

First time on vinyl since the album was released in 2001

Party Political Bullshit recorded at CBGB's NY 6/5/2001
Depressions A La Card (Wanna Get Out) recorded at Belgium 1992

A1 Spirit Of The Street
A2 Down Under
A3 A Way Of Life
A4 Fade Away
A5 Zuipe! (Nen Bak Jupiler)
A6 Terrorist Attack
A7 Join The Kids
B1 Cops Are No Human Beings
B2 Fashion Freak
B3 Homeless
B4 Under Age
B5 No Way Out
Bonus Tracks
B6 Party Political Bullshit (Live)
B7 Depressions A La Card (Wanna Get Out) (Live)
B8 Real Enemy
B9 Beer Is Good... Outro

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