Hard Wax - "Diamond In The Rough" -6 Panel Digipack-CD

comes in high quality/full colored 6 Panel Digipack with all Lyrics

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"Although Hard Wax, formed by musical jack-of-all-trades Tom Boutwood (Arch Rivals, Hostile Minds), started out as a little project on the side, its activities swiftly shifted into becoming a full-time band. Mainly due to both the success and the positive response on last year's debut single "Kings Of The Weekend", Tom and co. headed back in the studio sooner than later, fortunately, because the two tracks of their first 45 definitely tasted like much, much more!

And much more is what we'll get on the band's debut full-length "Diamond In The Rough"! Bringing back that old school noise with a total of eleven new tracks, Hard Wax delivers that hard-hitting, in your face sound that is both tough and rough, but oh so accessible at the same time! Of course you wouldn't expect anything less from a bovver rock, proto-Oi!, hard glam – or whatever you prefer to call it – band, but with this LP Hard Wax instantly secured themselves a position at the top of the crop!

Working, pubbing, fighting, dancing, loving... they're all subjects that have been sung about a hundred times before. But brought with style, aggro and a whole lot of catchy refrains, you won't mind Hard Wax addressing these topics again... and again... and again... Because with street rockin' evergreens such as "Boot Boy Stomp (All Night Long)", "Your Time Is Up", "Diamond In The Rough", "Bringing Back The Noise", "Move Your Feet", "Fight Tonight" and "We're Here To Stay" I can't imagine that you won't be flipping this record over and over again (LP), or have it on repeat (CD) all night long indeed!

If you were into Hard Wax's first single already, you will love their first LP. It's bigger, better and bolder than ever before and with a piano here and a trumpet there, "Diamond In The Rough" has a couple of nice, surprising tricks up its sleeve that won't disappoint you! So polish 'em up, lace 'em tight and get ready for that killer bovver beat of the hardest Wax in town!"


1 Bootboy Stomp (All Night Long)
2 Your Time Is Up
3 In The Know
4 Diamond In The Rough
5 Shouting Out Loud
6 Bringing Back The Noise
7 Move Your Feet
8 Bovver Love Blues
9 Fight Tonight
10 Head Held High
11 We’re Here To Stay

Vinyl version  by Rebellion Records and CD worldwide via Contra Records.

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