La Inquisición - s/t Tape

A 100% DIY production with foldout handnumbered Covers including all Lyrics on white machine printed Tapes

After numerous crusades across europe from north to south La Inquisición proved not only beeing veterans from former bands like: The Upset,Ultimo Asalto, SECRET ARMY,Bulldozer BCN,One Life one Sentence,Malarians... no it is needless to say this is from far their Masterpiece!

Storming end of 2018 with their first full length LP, this Tape will bring you back both still sold out "Demo" EP and "Verdadera Fe" EP on one tape.
Including all Lyrics and unique arranged Artwork just for this compilation all limited to handnumbered 200 handnumbered copies worldwide!

brought you by: Oi The Nische and Subculture for Life in distribution of Contra Records

Hemos Caído
El Dolor
Fe Y Gloria

Verdadera Fe
Muerte A La Nostalgia
Guerra Total

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