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  • Digipack-CD / 1000
  • Digipack-CD / 1000

Legion 76 - Discography

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This Digi-pack CD contains their 2014 Demo, the 2016 "Brick and Bone" 7" and the songs from the split w/ SEASIDE REBELS.

14 Tracks

For "Banners Fall":
Bands you can detect immediately after hearing the first notes and which you will positively contribute right after listening?
LEGION 76 are definitely one of these, since their 2014 Demo blew anyone away. The so-called scene received the following releases (the "Brick and Bone" Debut 7" and the Split w/ SEASIDE REBELS) more than just positive and now the boys are back with another masterpiece, a 10" called "Banners Fall". To speak in pictures, LEGION 76 are like a rolling tank, especially their trademark, the bloodcurdling choruses make them special, football chants meets the attacking Orcs at Helms Clam. Six brand new tracks, all full speed ahead, American Oi! at it's best, dark, furious, angry, but always topped with melodies and harmonic interaction of the musicians.